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  1. hey guys,just got a question regarding water I store in a kiddies pool,reason for this was to evaporate some of the chlorine,but after doing some reading,stagnant water is no good because ur mj roots love oxygenated water (makes sense-im fairly new to growing).
    by the time iv used all the water outta the kiddies pool,the last watering can wld prob b about 3 weeks old,so as you can imagine theres prob some bad bacteria in there 2.
    my question is,can I fill a 5 gallon bucket up of my stagnant kiddie pool water and aerate it for how ever many hrs? will this kill the bad bacteria and reoxygenate the water?

  2. Could try using a good aquarium filtration system, but they usually cost a little bit of money for a good quality one. And for the airation issue you could get a water fountain/feature and just run that to airate the water. Thats all I could think of, but i am sure other people will have more experience/better ideas! Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. yea iv got a 5 gal bucket and industrial air pump all hooked up for when I make worm tea,just want to know if you can reoxygenate stagnant water,the water fountain idea sounds great,will definitely look into that over the next seasons grows when I got the funds :)

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