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  1. Hello, first time posting on this site. Been apart of other growing sites, this ones seems way more active. Gonna be using this is as a grow log. Only one plant right now, but she's 5 weeks old. Had a problem in the first couple weeks. I had used some homemade compost that I got from a friend, and it turned out to not be near ready and my leaves started yellowing, the huge fan leafs died and growth stunted. I transplanted it to a bigger pot with a new soil mix. Just regular potting soul mixed with like 35 to 40 percent perlite with very very light nutes. Seems to be recovering and looking much better. Started growing again too.

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  2. Oh, says i have ten posts. I guess i have been to this site a few times :p
  3. you seem to have a lot of perlite in the soil. shouldn't hurt it though.
  4. It's not that thick all the way through. The top just ended up having a shitload because I would like.. dump a little soil in the pot, then some perlite and then mix it. Because i was running low on soil and trying to stretch it as close as I could to the top of the pot without overdoing it :p

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