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stages of getting faded.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Boondocksaint, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. I get to a 3 most of the time, i like just being stoned and the music feels so much more meaningful. Although i have been a 10 a few times, i would like to get to 11 but i always imagine il be sick if i smoke anymore XD.

  2. Ha, i can vouch for # 11. After an extremely long break due to probation, i smoked about 3 grams of some DANNNKKK chronic. It was like i drank 12 ounces of robo, and took a couple hits of acid. It was an extremely intense trip that made it impossible to walk without throwing up every 3 steps.

    Wish i had that tolerance level again :rolleyes:
  3. I had an OOB and visual hallucinations after making very strong weed ramen.

    I wasnt sure what was real and what wasnt. I had fallen asleep about an hour after eating it not high at all and woke up at 4 in the morning and had no idea where I was or what was going on. I knew I was high but wasnt sure if it was a dream or real.

    Id say that was level 11.

    anyway i laughed hard at the "arms feel distant" thing I thought I was the only one who noticed that while coming up
  4. hahaha im guessing stage 11 would be....

  5. I can say that I have reached 9-10 to the point where I hear voices, sirens, you name it. I have also had times where I have gotten so freaked out because it seemed so real that I would hide in showers.
  6. I get a solid 8 off my current stash.
  7. my first time getting high, I had Purple haze and hit a 10. It was scary at the time, now I'm just jealous of myself :D

    I've hit 11 once or twice too. The first time was when I put two bowls to my face two weeks after I started smoking. I saw colors on everything, the walls looked like they were closing in on me, I was closer to the ground than I remembered, I was thinking so fast I thought my head would explode, and so I thought the weed was laced lol XD The second time wasn't exactly like the first time. I ate a cookie with over a gram of weed in it and everything was green for 20 minutes :p

    I usually stay between 6 and 8 now :)
  8. lmao a cookie with over a gram teh second time u got high thats nuts!, dam i can put lke .5 or so in some edibles and im high as shit u musta been flyin!

  9. hahaha it was great. I was watching Land of the Lost and it sounded like the dinosaurs were in my room o_o

    it wasn't the second time getting high, it was the second time I hit an 11 on that scale. It was about a month after I started smoking, but I was still flying :p
  10. I usually sit between 4 and 6 on the usual packed j or slightly larger, of course back when I was first rolling I had to use two papers and the thing almost looked like a cigarillo. On a few occasions I have moved up the scale, nothing remarkable about those few times. For me, as soon as I start feeling something - thats when I know I shouldn't be driving, I really zone out too much, even when I'm not high while driving.

    I must admit I have been up to the 10 mark twice, once long ago when I can't remember and once quite recently. For me everything was two dimensional with both my eyes open, naturally everything looked quite out of place - all sizes were confusing, there was a slightly pulse I could sense in what I was seeing (likely due to the blood pumping through my eyes - which were dog-dick red). Definitely felt like I was a "god", very spiritual sense, close eye visuals were there when I closed my eyes - which was often. I continued to mistake people for objects and objects for people, even forgot who was in the room at one point.

    Now onto the actual stages as I see it, and what the OP might have been looking for...

    Stage 1
    Head begins to feel funny, well maybe a bit lighter. I find I have more energy, but lack hydration.

    Stage 2
    Music sound more awesome than it usually does, time seems to have either sped up or slowed down from my perception, but I can still recognize how long I have been doing something. Breathing has surely slowed down. I now take in larger breaths.

    Stage 3
    I feel like dancing, so I must put on techno or something similar. Things are now very slow (or fast from my perspective). Paranoia has definitely sunk in, especially if I am cruising in a car or sitting in a car or really anything outdoors on the road or near people. Eyes can definitely be seen as red, although I must check thoroughly in the mirror several times to assure myself that I'm not seeing something. Any type of exercise feels great, anything that is straining my muscles I find makes me want to exercise more.

    Stage 4
    I can't maintain the way I feel unless I have something to drink, and if I know I will be smoking more I conserve, or at least that's what I tell myself even as I drink the last of my beverage (non-alcoholic as I can't take the way being drunk feels, that and I hate the flavor of beer, I'm a Jager man). I usually have the best ideas for things now, like how to solve the problem of squeaky music stands, or a new design for a snow tire, shit like that that I'll never remember until I'm high again. Time seems to have stopped. Oddly enough I feel quite warm, unable to describe where I feel this from. I can easily detect my pulse, but can't understand if it's slow or fast. Music somewhat intensifies, but also requires me to find something either with more bass or incredible guitar riffs.

    Stage 5
    Hallucinations kick in, just the closed eyes, it's on par with looking through a kaleidescope except in reds, blues, blacks, and greens, as well as combinations of the listed colors. If I open my eyes I swear I can change what I see, but I still recognize what's real and what isn't. Feel great, feel kind of at one within the universe.

    Stage 6
    Brain kicks into overdrive - this is what I consider to be the brainstorm that I'm always told people do normally, I can think of so much shit in 10 seconds. I feel during this stage that I should carry around a microphone and record myself, always forgetting that my iPod in my pocket with the microphone sticking out of the chest pocket does that. I now am fearing what my eyes might do. Any and all movement feels great. I could walk for hours or float my arms out in front of me in a wave pattern to the music. For some reason I begin to remember things from my dreams.

    Stage 7
    I'm beyond any physical movement and closing my eyes reveal only more spinning than keeping them open. I finally understand that this is hitting me in waves and learn that I inhale more when I'm high as I completely lose track of things. I can't recall if I'm wearing anything, I meld in with my surroundings, with only my head actually attached to my brain. Often feel chills or euphoria running up and down my back, arms, and legs. At this point I can hold my breath for well over 2 or 3 minutes, even thinking that I'm circular breathing between two nostrils and a mouth closed.

    Stage 8-9
    These two are hard to distinguish between, I feel the effects hitting me but forget everything much quicker, talking is hard I know that, I am having internal conversations with myself and as many as 6 other people with a similar voice. Even around other friends I prefer to talk to myself in my head, at some points I talk aloud to myself.
    Once I reach a high 9 I begin to talk EXTREMELY slow, which eventually breaks down into a stutter on every word, I can't help it even though I know it's going on, of course this could be the time effect perception.

    Stage 10
    I have now understood that I can see like an animal, two separate images on either side of my head like the opposite of crossed eyed. This hurts my eyes and brain to function like this and is then accompanied by the spins. If I draw the lids of my eyes down I see new incredible things in front of me, I dare say open eyed visuals and a heavy dose of hallucinations, sometimes seeing random people walking in front of me. I swear I feel the presence of something or someone around me.

    It's quite hard to describe this, I have lost track of who I am, or even if I'm real. I keep returning to a point where I realize that I can see the future high - as in I can see what I'll be doing when I'm next high, but only after I sleep. I essentially have deja vu in my dreams and can recall future events that have already happened, which truly leads me down a rabbit hole on what is real.

    Going Up
    As I come out of my high I just become more aware of the time, thats the main thing. Every other stage just kind of melts away back to like 2-4 area, but I'm much to tired to get up and doing anything, a brisk walk usually rids this, something I should do more often.

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