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  1. I've been thinking about dreaming and the many different forms it takes. I've always been a day dreamer so I tend to look at the world in low resolution, I won't ever believe that anything is 100% certain except perhaps my own existence. I don't seem to remember that when I'm actually dreaming though, I believe they call this 'ego loss'. This proves in a sense that the brain can naturally mutate reality and even contradict itself with relative ease. This ability can lead to a higher form of wisdom in those who will subject themselves to it. Learn what is by experiencing what isn't, and don't worry about diving out into oblivion because time and sleep will always bring you back.

    When you apply the same logic to reality you get things like drug use and mind alteration, or induced dreaming. Some people can even achieve such a state by refining their ability to day dream, they usually call it meditation. I myself don't have the patience to meditate but I can lay back and bring on amazing visuals just smoking a joint and listening to music.

    But I wonder, how important is the ego loss aspect of dreaming? I've had dreams that were very exciting and insightful that wouldn't have been had I just been watching it on TV instead of in my subconsiousness. When I was 13 I had this dream about killing vampires in my neighbors back yard, the moon was a deep red and I didn't seem to care about death or pain in my little vampire slaughter-rama. Looking back on it I know that the main theme of that dream was death; immortality and destruction were everywhere, the absurdly large, looming bright red moon seemed to represent something, it was forboding yet I drew strength from it's presence.

    All of these things affected how I think, but if I had seen it in a movie or a video game I would have thought it was cheesy and forgot about it. Without the aspect of belief I wouldn't have put any thought into that dream, but since it was quite real in my mind I had to make the effort of controlling chaos.

    Who needs tv? The shows in my mind are always better. What insights have any of you gained from your nightly loss of control?
  2. wow i completly agree with u
  3. What insights have any of you gained from your nightly loss of control?

    that id rather be there than here.....

    i have ridden far on cartoon trains

    to a boulavard were it always rains

    following the same never ending paths

    tward some spiraling destiny ill never know

    ever changeing faces flurting by in breff glimpses

    the past and the present have no meaning

    and for once ...i am alive
  4. ohm, ohm, ohm... insights? None today.
  5. i had a dream that that i was in cali and that there was an earth quake and the golden gate bridge fell intot he water and created a big as wave killed people iin the shore. this was like two days before the quake in cali to so it was knda creepy......maybe im spychic.....dum dum dum
  6. You can live life out of your mind and still live as good, if not better than in "reality". You can't, (well, at least i can't), feel as much, or experience as much when dreaming though. To each his own I guess. The real world has so many restraints though, but a good variety can be nice.

    No real insight
    Only stories unfolding in our minds

    "It's a great and terrible world" - Rudyard Kipling
  7. I believe that whatever reality you live in mentally is reality for you...since in fact your mental consciousness controls your physical level of't really figure out a gramatically correct way to put that but if you can understand what I mean...I think that everyone lives in their own reality and since what we see with our eyes is actually pieced together in our minds, that is the true maybe everyone is living in different worlds but all on the same plane of existence, dreams could possibly another plane of existence...make sense at all?
  8. Well I used to think that your dreams were just a compilation of that day's happenings and your thought/feelings and such...

    But then about a week ago I started to have really weird dreams. Note that before this I've almost never remembered my dreams. This whole past week I've been having dreams that deal with maybe the most boring crap. Just maybe a conversation with someone, or some other ordinary thing. But then I wake up, and a day or two later, maybe even less, something from my dream actually happens. Maybe not the same exact thing, but close enough.

    Like I had a dream were I was handed a pistol, a real one, and then the next day I was at a party and some friends were handing out some gag gifts, and he gave me a fake pistol. I didn't really think anything of it at first, but now it makes me wonder.

    Anywho, I'm starting to think that dreams may actually sometimes be premonitions of things to come. Probably not everyone, but people have deja vu for a reason.

  9. basically you're saying that perspecitve is subjective; my existence could be another person's chaos
  10. slightly off topic but this was in a book by Carlos Castaneda (road to ixtlan) not getting too deep about the book but there was an interesting part about "seeing" dreams, try watching your hands in your dreams....

  11. Exactly, although I would think that only rarely would the significant differences be that drastic...not to say never, but rarely.
  12. Dreams are "the fulfillment of a wish" according to Freud. He said your subconscious has it's own wishes that can be separate from the conscious'

    He also said daydreams are the equivalent to "child's play." Like how children have fun playing with toys, adults have fun daydreaming. More fulfillment of wishes, but these are probably more conscious wishes.

    I don't see how one's daydreams(or dreams) could lead them to gaining any wisdom. Maybe some self-insight but no wisdom really.
  13. Whenever i get high, i dont remember any of my dreams, but they are the weirdest dreams ever. I take a day break(usually monday or tuesday) to have a normal set of dreams that arent influenced by THC. They usually are video game like in nature. Me as the lead character, trying to achieve something.
  14. i as well rarely remember my dreams in an almost everynight stoned sleep.... though as someone else had said... i tend to remember the very vivid ones....

    though i try to comprehend them or even decipher them it gets me nothing but confused as i have a wild imagination an seem to think of some crazy things....
  15. Some indians think that Dreams are as real as the wake world and the reason why most people just "diss" them as dreams and such is just because they don't know how to "see" the dreams. Dreams are great and shouldn't be tried to explain by science, and they can't.

  16. That's funny cuz if there was ever anything I'd consider to be 'wisdom' it's self insight ;)

    And if your imagination is good enough your daydreams can in fact be much more than a tool for self exploration, in the same way that a coyote can walk off a cliff without falling in a cartoon my mind can bring me face to face with god or send me years into the future. Another metaphor; in The Matrix the characters could expand their abilities by 'disbelieving'the simple and obvious laws of physics around them. If we could copy existence so well as to be able to alter it at will while still playing by the same rules then why does anyone need reality any more than the people in the matrix did?
  17. i could quote the whole thing, but this line says it best.

    thats why i dig our discussions. we see things so alike, but with that different slant.

    cos in the past i've said things like
    "better understand reality, by experiencing alternate realitys, twisted realitys and realitylessness"


    same page, same book, different author. hehe.

  18. that id rather be there than here.....


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