Stacking on top of my Bloom Nutes?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Howie Mandella, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. If Im using a pre made Bloom Nutes packet and want to also use BioCanna Bio Boost and Bud Candy should I minimize the Bloom Nutes due to adding other Product? Or should I just use everything accordingly? Not starting to Flower till August 22nd just would like to be fully prepared. This is my first grow and would like it to be a success after hearing all about the first time FAIL grow rate :-\

    Any advice is very appreciated.

  2. Never heard of it? Though i grow in coco.. but its hard to kill a plant man, neglect it too much it will die, but it can take a bit of abuse along the way. All i'm saying is i don't see how you could fail unless you kill your plants or get busted/ripped..

    As for the question, scale back the nutes. By how much? Pass. Not familiar with those products. Some products barely change EC/PPM at all
  3. If this is your first grow just keep it ez. Dont be one of those first time fails. BUt if you insist on using those there really should be no issues. Follow the directions and use a ppm pen to make sure you're not frying your plants. Without knowing what kind of system you're in it hard to say for sure. so long as you dont add two of the same type products (Which AN is known for having) you'll be coo. One is a carb and the other is prob a pk boost

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