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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by waterhurley, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. well i got 2 20mg adderall left and shit load of ritalin. now i know this is prolly a terrible idea for my body and shit, but has anyone stacked ritalin and adderall? i would kinda like to try it for the insane energy rush and concentraion.

    im prescribed 60 20mg ritalin for 30 days and i hate taking them now. it was cool at the start but now it just feels like a constant coke comedown just not as hard or fast.

    so i was thinkin about throwin a 20mg rit over an addy.

    if someone has done this please tell me weather its worth it or not. im SURE its terrible for me bt i cant immagine once will kill me. i just wanna see if anyone has done it or not.

    whats your take? (please no flamming or dumbass remarks, ill make my own health decisions)
  2. If you're just popping them you're fine.

    Go 1:1 addy/rit or 1:2-3 on that shit if you want some more pep.
  3. i always blow addys. ritalin, i usually pop. blowin addys just gives me that instant kick in the head. but id pop the ritalin after blowin the addy.

    blowin ritalin aint bad but its no adderall
  4. Eat/snort it, whatever.

    You'll be fine as long as you aren't tossing them back like candy.
  5. thats weird, I always do it vice versa.

    I pop the amphs and snort the ritalin. I dont really feel any outstanding effects from oral ritalin, but I get to feelin fine with a great speed buzz from oral amphetamines.

    Also, the ritalin pills that I can get ahold of produce less powder than an equal dose of crushed adderrall.


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