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Stacker 2 Black jax WARNING

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. I hope this is within the rules as these pills are legal and I am trying to warn against them.
    I was feeling really tired at work today so I decided to try these energy pills instead of my usual Monster drink. Let me tell you that was one seriously poor decision! I took this shit at 9:30pm and it kicked in hard and fast by !0:00pm. I had eaten before so I was not on an empty stomach but this garbage turned on me so fast. I got the shakes, cold sweats, a very strange and unpleasant virtigo and I puked up the nastiest vomit imaginable. I had to leave work earl because I got sooo sick. I lay here in my bed 5 hours later still feeling like incredible shit and my stomach is in knots and still a bit nausious. Please heed my warning and steer clear of this shit. I read some things on line about them and it seems most people do get violently ill from even the reccomended dose. I dont know how these assholes at stacker can sleep at night knowing what they are putting people through. I wish they had to deal with this sickness non stop. The worst part is there is still no way I can just sleep it off because Im still so tweaked up on it. Watch out for this crap.

  2. thanks for the heads up man. i don't really mess with energy drinks much anymore because i don't like that jittery shaky feeling. every single time i drink a monster or nos and then smoke i feel like my heart is gonna explode
  3. Ive had my problems with those too. I have eaten, but I also was drinking lots of soda. My friends opened some and dared me to snort it. I dont know if I did, or just licked it, but I was dying a few minutes later. Maybe not really, but I felt like I was.
  4. that's always been my fear of these energy things.. the shakes and sweats and whatnot.
    i think i'd just rather be tired.
  5. Yeah but caffeine is great if you have something to soothe the jitters/anxiety/ whatever else
  6. Am I the only one who can drink like 2-3 energy drinks and be fine? I can drink energy drinks before bed and be fine. I don't get any energy at all. I honestly get more energy from an apple in the morning than any energy drink I've drank. Why waste 2-3 bucks on a drink when I can eat a healthy apple and have more energy?
  7. The only time I can take any amount of energy drink or something is if I'm falling asleep at the wheel on a long trip. I avoid energy anything like the plague because it cracks me out.

    Thanks for the warning though. My question is how can the government sleep at night knowing they allow this shit to be sold.....pretty well I guess.

    My girlfriend takes these slimquick pills and one day I took one. Jesus, I had to pound half a bottle of vodka to stop shaking and sweating.

  8. Did they pry your mouth open and shove the pills down your throat or something?
  9. b12 cleanse

    its a natural detoxifier.

    and it did what it was supposed to do lol.

    your lucky you didnt take more then one.
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    Well, I just woke up and feel fine now. It was almost 5am before I could fall asleep and I still felt like shit at that time. Talk about a bad "trip". At the peak of it I almost felt like thats wat was happening with the virtigo and all. My buddy from work just called to see how I was feeling and said that the boss was asking what happened to me and if Im ok. Told him thanks for the concern and Ill be in for my normal shift this afternoon. I dont like taking any of those energy things like nebegrow said unless I really need it because its really bad for you but Monster a few times a month has never done me wrong so I think Ill stick with that.

    I did however, as reported by some other online users of this shit, have some really weird and seriously vividly real dreams. So real that While I was dreaming I wondered if it was a dream and did some checks to see and it still seemed real and I was convinced I was awake. One included hanging out with Ron Paul because he was helping me do my taxes (???) and the building we were in was actually still being built at the top of a tree that was as big as the tree from Avatar that they all live in. One of the cranes that were being used to build it fell and tore the whole thing down and I was on the ground at the time and tried to run but was crushed to death under the falling pieces of building. Thats when I woke up. Weird...
  11. never heard of em and they look nasty and seem bad just from the package.
  12. i think you lose the right to complain if you buy something like that from behind a gas station counter
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    I think you loose the right to post in my thread if you don't have anything worth reading to post.
  14. hey man r u sure they're not designed to be like a pre-workout supplement?
  15. Only energy i actually like. other then the juice rockstars. but i can only have like 1 at most.

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    There is no way you could work out feeling like that
  17. thats why if im going to get an energy drink ill just get a regular sized rockstar.
  18. :eek:It's not that bad if your use to them.
    Iv'e been taking them for a long time & the only problem I get is when it wears off, I need to be somewhere that I can sleep. Otherwise it's just a rush like drinking coffee.
    If one is not use to them, I could see where it would be a bad trip from top to bottom & put a system into overload.
    Best of luck to those that try it, but if it don't work, your better off to stay away from it.
  19. @What did you eat before taking it? It has an MAOI in it that can make you really sick if you don't follow the directions. If you just ate them all then snaked on something with Tyrosine in it you need to follow the directions

  20. So your saying you should keep taking them until your body is used to the abuse? Sounds horrible.

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