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Stable Strains

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by DanTheReggaeFan, May 17, 2013.

  1. Just posted this message in the beginners section before I found the breeding section (lazy stoner lol) and thought some breeders might be able to help me.
    "Does anybody know of some good stable indica strains. I don't know if it's because of something I've done to them or not, but the 5 Ladyburn 1974's and 3 Pineapple Express' I've got growing at the moment are expressing a few different phenos. There's 3 different phenos for the Ladyburn's and 2 for the Pineapple's. I'm looking to do a SOG for my next grow but because they're going to be grown from seed I'm looking for something stable so they come out quite unifrom in size/shape etc.
    \nAny help would be awsome and it doesn't have to be just indicas, it's just that it will be grown in a 2 meter tall tent so height might be an issue. Maybe we could even get a little database kinda thing going here to help out the people looking for good breeding stock?"

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    Its cause the breeders are for shit.

    Greenhouse seeds, no longer have the breeder who won those canna cups. Santibaba is now with Mr.Nice seeds.

    And G13 seeds are not a breeder at all, but a bulk/overstock buyer who renames the beans....also owned by The Attitude Seedbank

    EDIT: ahh you're looking for suggestions(fems I presume)...WWxBB femaleseeds.nl, Super Skunk from Sensi Seeds. Both will work for an SOG seed grow ime

    The infamous double edit.... ;) ohh yeah fems suck ass for breeding, just leads to hermies later on.
  3. Thanks CL4P. I wish seed banks wernt allowed to claim Cannabis Cups when the breeders left. It would save a whole lot of confusion. And the Pineapple was Barney's Farm. I don't buy seeds online, It all depends on what my local shop has.
  4. In that case, perhaps a sea of clones is a better route. I do that. 8 to a flat, 8 flats to a 4x4 area. Works well.
  5. aHAHahahahahahaha, you are such a noobie now. hahahaha. oh, wait, so am I...
  6. A sea of clones would be my preferred choice but I don't have a separate place to keep the mother when the clones are flowering. That's why I'm looking for stable strains to grow from seed.

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