Stabilizing Ph. Before or After Nutes?

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  1. This may seem minor but I'd like others input.

    Testing Adding silica to my nutes.
    I add recommended amount to ro water @ 7.5 ph

    Silicone takes my ph to ~ 9

    Now I'm reading several places that I should stabilize my ph back down to ~ 6.5 then add rest of nutes.
    2) Mix in your silicon additive at the recommended dosage for that product. The pH will usually go up.
    3) Using a pH pen and pH Down product, bring the pH of the solution down to just below 7.
    4) Add your nutrient and any other boosters."

    This seems counter intuitive to me. (Less is more)
    The nutes and booster will bring my ph down anyways so why would I not wait till after mixing everything first then bring/stabilize ph to ~ 5.9?

    Again probably doesn't matter but I don't know what I don't know.
  2. No.....add all nutes then ph the mixture.
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  3. I do silica, ca/mg, A, B, Rhizotonic, Cannazyme in that order. My pH's are about what you are seeing also. At the end my pH comes out to around 6.8 and I only then adjust it dow.

    The rationale is that the silica, ca/mg, and your A nutes are all high pH, so you mix them all together before adding the B, which is acidic, which then combines to make the nutes available. Final pH adjust at that point.
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