St0ney's First Grow Journal! 2010 (help!)(indoor/outdoor)

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    Hello Grasscity, I just have to say, ever since I've found these forums I've learned a great deal and have entertained and educated myself going through journals, checking out different grow methods, etc. Often I'll read through posts for hours without even realizing it.

    In short, you guys rock. :hello:

    Well I've made the plunge, I ordered some seeds from Attitude Seedbank and from (not sure what to expect from the latter, I ordered form them before finding out about Attitude) I ordered just a few different kinds to see which one I prefered.

    Currently out of the ones who have germinated to become seedlings and made it past my rookie mistakes are:

    (all feminized)

    1 Cloud #9 (Attitude)

    1 White Siberian (Attitude)

    1 Santa (autoflowering, Attitude)

    1 Grapefruit Automatic (auto, Attitude)

    2 White Widows ( (I screwed up and ended up puting a bunch of these seedlings outside to get some sun and they dried out.)

    And 1 seed that I'm really not sure of. (the label came off and I can only be sure it's one of the Attitude seeds)

    I'm starting them in my closet under 4 CFLs in my closet at the moment, soon I'll be adding more.

    The soil I have them in is a 50/50 mix of Organic Miracle Gro and Jiffy Seed starter, I know its not an ideal mix but at the moment it's all I have to work with. Think I've got enough drainage?

    I live out in the country and plan to move some of these plants as they mature to an outdoor area I have picked out that is just over my fence in the woods next to a pond. (Have to keep em hidden from my mom)

    So Grasscity, to you, I turn and say, "Help me not kill these innocent plants!".

    All kidding aside I'm deciated to seeing this grow to the end and hope you will be too!! :smoke:

    Attached are some pics of my current grow setup with seedlings (work in progress),

    And the area I've picked to place some outdoors in pots.

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  2. Based on the setup pics above anyone have any suggestions?

    I'm currently using 3 daylight CFLs and 1 soft white CFL. All are 27 watts. (actual)

    The seedlings have been shooting up ever since I put them under.

    I've currently got them on about 5 hours of light a day, after drying out some last week that were in small peat pellets I'm worried I'm being overly cautious.

    Think I should go ahead and put them under 24/7?

    Also I plan on getting some more lights either tomorrow or the next day, approximately how many am I gonna need for about 6-7 small plants? (Some will be going outside eventually)
  3. you have lots and lots of stretching going on =/ lower the lights to about an inch or two away from the seedlings. before you do that bury the stem until only about an inch is out of the soil. good luck. take a look at the stickies they have a ton of useful info in em
  4. I noticed they were stretching but I didn't realize by how much until you said something.

    I've already had some die from another mistake so needless to say this is a little startling.

    I'm thinking I might go ahead and move some of the taller ones outside after burying the stems, I'm worried my grow area might not be supplying what they need.

    Would plants these small be able to make it outside without drying out in the pots they're in currently? (the bigger pots in the pic)
  5. your amount of light is only enough for the first couple days for that amount of plants. you either need to get plenty more light or put em outside.
  6. your plants have stretch way too much bro.. you need to get those cfls alot closer to stop the stretch immediately! Notice the taller ones growing towards the light? I suggest making a reflector or something that will hold a minimum of 10 cfls for that amount of plants.
  7. Thanks for the help guys.

    I've added another 6500 CFL and will be adding another soft white as soon as I get another outlet splitter. I raised the plants up and moved the lights much closer. Me and my girlfriend talked it over and we're gonna throw in for a Metal Halide/HPS convertable light setup. Cause for the amlount of plants I plan on growing CFL really isn't practical.

    I'll be posting pics of the new setup soon.

    Thanks again!
  8. Hi Stoney! Good luck with this grow!

    Dr. Hydro is way more experienced than me, but I had to speak up because it's hard for me to believe that lighting is your issue - just based on what I know from my own stuff.

    I've been sprouting all of my seeds under CFLs. In my experience, CFLs are great for that and although you can put them almost right up to the plant, I don't think you have to. I use 26 watt Daylight bulbs in all my veg fixtures.

    These two sativas were sprouted under CFLs. The bulbs were 3 or 4 inches above. They stretched for a couple of inches, then normalized.


    I just ran down and snapped this. This is the upper level of my veg area. These few CFLs are having no problem keeping up with the bulbs at these heights.


    There's an SSH clone mother in back that flourishing under a single 26 watt bulb! I just recently cut the top 6 or 8 inches off of her to keep her size down!

    Anyway, my point is that I think you're lighting is fine. I'm thinking your issue is soil related. For my seedlings and for clones out of the bucket, I use that same starter mix you have and cut it 50/50 with perlite. That's been working 100% of the time for me.

    I think you could take just one of those reflector lamps you have and point it straight down at four seedlings, with the bulb 3 or 4 inches above. I just sprouted 8 seeds for a freind just like that.

    Not sure what to suggest for your plants now. If the soil is OK, I think they might outgrow the stretch in a few days and end up fine. Keep em moist, but let them get just a bit dry every few days.
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    Appreciate the input MX. Maybe it's not the lighting, I'll know for sure now, if just a few CFLs are working that well for you then way I have it setup now should be no problem.

    As for the soil I figured it was ok drainage-wise but if they keep stretching I'll definately repot them, can you get perlite at any common stores, like Lowes? Would some sand do the job?

    Here's some pics. Hoping this new setup will help them. I'll update when I see some results. :D

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  10. perlite you can get pretty much anywhere. and mx what strain are you growing, if they look like that under barely any light and cfls that imo are too far away anyways I'd love to throw one of those under a 400w cmh. stretch is caused purely by the lighting though that I know of there isn't anything else that causes it.
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    ok I was impressed with how the clones looked and it helps that you have the right bulbs 2700k. but none of your older plants are what i would call 'flourishing' . Look at the droopy leafs bro. That tells me youre not giving them enough light. Also your lights are way to far away man. CFLS lumen penetration is nothing like a HID it needs to be as close as possible to give the plant as much of the lumen you can possibly get from that cfl.
    One more thing hang your bulbs horizontally(sideways) the plants will thank you I promise.

    My whole grow is cfls. I am the self proclaimed cfl god! lol I made my own 30 bulb 'cool tube' cfl hood. I also made a veg hood similar to a t5 badboy. and I made a 24"x17 hood last night with 10 sockets and is also 'cool tube' design.
    I was trying to make a DIY hood for under 60 bucks and i did. IF youre interested Ill post a picture or two. You can follow my sig to my grow and check out the hood I made.
    Check out JCJ's 'So you want to grow marijuana,Questions answered here' thread. Post a picture for him to see and I bet he will tell you the same thing I have. Also, you want 2700k bulbs. not 6500.
  12. My first grow, im using CFLs as well as even the same lights from Home Depot you are. Take the reflectors off and get those lights closer to the plants. The bulbs for veg should also be either 5000k or 6500k (daylight comes in both for some reason) My first grow which is still in prog is in my sig...take what you can from it if you want to..I just know that when I was looking around to see what I COULD wind up with using my cheap setup seeing as many ppl have a similar setup that works definitely helped my confidence about whether mine would work lol. 4 lights for that many plants in say just a few weeks will be like a heart trying to run 2 bodies at once...More lights!

    Good luck!

  13. Hey doc! I recognize your god-like authority and I do not dispute it. Really! Me, I am the self-proclaimed Expert of Jack Shit! I was simply trying to help Stoney out with my own first-hand findings.

    Just to defend my own grow a bit, there's only one larger plant in that picture - the SSH clone mother. My other 15 or so vegging plants are kicking ass and have no droop at all. I've been trying to slow that clone mother down - cut the bulbs from two to one, then started raising the bulb. The droopy fan leaves you see just started in the last few days - after I cut all her tall tops off. I figured it was shock from the trim, but I guess I'll bring that bulb back down a bit. Oh, I think I may have overwatered her a bit too. She pretty much gets the least of my attention.

    Hey man, are you sure about the 2700K-not-6500K thing? I just fished through the trash to get my bulb package back and it says "Daylight 6500K" on the front.
  14. Since I moved the lights closer and raised them up they're already lookin better. I'm also starting them on 24/7 light today. I can already tell they're lovin' it.

    I'm curious about this as well doc. I do have one 2700 in there and another bulb I'm not using but I was under the impression that it's best to use mostly 6500 for vegging and 2700 for flowering.

    Also are purplish stems normal? I just noticed a couple of the autos have purple through their stems.
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    I always get those numbers backwards. Daylight bulbs are what you want for veg. I dont know why i cant remember daylight bulbs =6500k. Thats why they call it dope people! I swear i know what i am doing!:rolleyes:

    I dont really think i am a cfl god. I was just being stupid. I do however think the information given to stoney by you was incorrect. They need to be as close as possible. Ask around or just trust THE CFL GOD (jk)and put them closer and youl'll see the difference.

    EDIT: actually if you only have one bulb per area putting it closer will make it thrive on the top and the rest die. your plants need more light man. What do you expect to use for flowering? 1 2700k bulb?
  16. OK. My point was that I didn't think lighting was his issue and I backed that up with my reasoning and first hand experience/pics. You can't really call that incorrect information! I don't dispute that closer is better with CFLs.

    I'm thinking that in order to really help Stoney on his issues, we still need to know things like his temps, humidity levels, air exchange and circulation, water & soil pH, etc.

    On a less defensive note, now that I've got to know you Doc, I'll cruise your threads when I get back on tonight and check your shit out!
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    Awesome find bro, I think this might come in handy for me actually.
    I realize you were trying to help and Im glad that you want to contribute.
    But when i look at Stoneys pictures the only obvious problem I see is stretching. As far as I know (not being sarcastic) the only thing that causes stretch is 1 your seedling isnt close enough to the light source and 2 you have recently put a plant into flowering. Also if you agree that closer is better then why are yours so far away?! lol
    I completely agree with you. All of the room conditions and operation information is needed for a complete assessment of a problem. Pictures especially help when dealing with sick plants or pests.
    Awesome bro anyone is welcome in The Ghetto! Ill check yours out as well.
  18. no prob man, glad i could help. i'm itching to get another 400w kit and two cmh ^_^

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