St. Petersburg marijuana grow house charges dropped; others may follow

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by stoned4sure003, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Sweet! In a non medical state with 87 plants also.

    He's a lucky guy.
  2. All those tax dollars wasted on man hours of investigation,,,just like every other tax dollar spent on the war on some drugs,,even when the establishment puts someone in prison,we are the losers.
  3. In my area, one town moved to ban "consent searches" Which are pulling you over for a tail light out and then asking if they can search your car. When you say no, they say what do you have to hide and then bring in the dogs. Just as unconstitutional. Well the police were able to convince the town they "needed" such tactics to "fight crime".

    We in this country had better start fighting back at the erosion of our civil rights. This case is a sign that all is not lost, but infringement of our constitutional rights is happening everywhere in this country. Hats off to this fellow for risking greater penalties to make the police accountable for their unlawful activities.
  4. "two-year surveillance of a Largo hydroponics store ".......

    Makes you think twice about stopping by your local hydro store. :(

  5. Ive never been to a physical shop, and unfortunately until I live in a med state or the Feds get real, I never will. Sure Id love to support the local owned shop....but not at the risk of license plates being tagged. Being paranoid will keep you out of trouble. Hell even my online orders for legal grow equipment get shipped to several adressess. Rather be safe than sorry. This country is turning to paramilitary police shit, mainly because people assume the democracy will keep running on autopilot, and let the status quo politicians run rough shod over our freedoms. I guess 9th grade ELPS didnt teach the masses how involved theyre supposed to be. Its a duty as an american citizen to be informed and to VOTE, if you ain't voting, you shouldnt be bitching.

    On a more positive note, way to stick it to 'em old man. If every time they subpeona the officer he refuses to answer (basically the same) questions for each case, it should be pretty clear cut that the warrants were unjustified.
  6. You can grow awesome bud using soil and natural organic fertilizers purchased at any garden supply so hydro shops are an easy target for police,,and the person that orders online,,it really doesn't matter what address you ship your goods too if you use your home computer or personal cell phone to order them,,they will be watching where the order came from also.

    The only way I would visit a hydro shop is by public transportation and I would only pick up enhancer products and soil fertilizers,,no raw materials or grow equipment.

  7. and thats why im afraid to go to the damn hydroponic store down my street... damn feds

  8. Theyd have to jump through hoops to get a legitimate business to turn over order information on perfectly legal supplies. Not to mention the work theyd have to put in to track what computer it came from and link it to the several emails and shipping addresses tied to the order. While all possible, not nearly as likely as 5-0 posted up across the street with access to instant DMV searches and your license plate (not that you should ever take a vehicle registered to a grow address to a hydro shop, youd have to be a tool to do that).

    I do agree with the organics, finishing up a girl thats been in a water only mix, i may never go back.

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