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St. Paul Quote

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Dryice, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. I heard this quote in The Prophecy (movie with Chris Walken)

    "Even now in Heaven, there were Angels carrying savage weapons."

    Can anyone actually confirm this was a writing of St. Paul?

    Amidst google search, just shit relative to The Prophecy comes up it seems.
  2. I don't think so... it's been a minute since I've read the New Testament, but I don't remember anything about angels carrying savage weapons.
  3. I just put a quick search in for "now in Heaven there were angels carrying savage weapons" at www.google.com

    Here is one of the ones I came up http://www.globusz.com/ebooks/LegJew1/00000051.htm
    he angels leading Enoch explained to him that this place is prepared for the righteous, while the terrible place prepared for the sinners is in the northern regions of the third heaven. He saw there all sorts of tortures, and impenetrable gloom, and there is no light there, but a gloomy fire is always burning. And all that place has fire on all sides, and on all sides cold and ice, thus it burns and freezes. And the angels, terrible and without pity, carry savage weapons, and their torture is unmerciful. Also, it is a quote from the book entitled "After Hell" by Jeff Belding. The Apostle Paul was quoted as the speaker. Perhaps omitted or removed, much was - however Paul believed that all works inspired by the Spirit were of value.

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