St. Pattys Day

Discussion in 'General' started by ToKeR_T, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Tomarrow is St. Pattys day and i dont have any alcohal at all!!!! this sucks cause im flat broke but i have like a little under an 1/8 of some dank shit so i decided im gunna celebrate with smokin some good greens (st. pattys day and green. eh eh get it?!?!lol) insted of alcohol. damn this sucks, i was planning on drinkin so much i had to get my stomic pumped.

    so what are your plans for tomarrow?
  2. Certainly not drinking. Hate that shit.
  3. y would you ever hate drinkin!? i love it lol almost as much as i love that sweet green
  4. Haha...I'm planning on not working Friday...I'll enjoy St. Paddy's Day...Irish style :D
  5. green is good for st. patty's day. I can't wait to take my exam and finish my programming so I can go buy beer and celebrate st. patty's day the way it's meant to be celebrated.
  6. Ya im a St Pattys day baby. lol. The sad thing is im prolly not gonna do SHIT tomorrow. I have money. But no weed no alcohol. im prolly just gonna sit at home all day. It sux but theres nuthin else to do.
  7. o wait just remembered my friend is coming over Woot! lol
  8. Thank you elroy ;)

  9. Hope you have plenty of green. not pints :D style usually means a bar room brawl over here lol :)
  10. I just had a couple'a, I knew something was Irish night without a decent bar fight....fuck...

    Would you be so kind as to take a couple of swings at some dumbass idiot for me :D
  11. i wanted to get drunk as fucking shit today and not go to school tomorrow, but i guess not, and i'm fucking dry as a motherfucker. and i found out i'll probably be getting random UT's over the next while, so this new bubbler i just got today will have to wait. damnit, this blows.
  12. today is st pattys day...? or tomorrow

    im confused
  13. hi guy wit shoes

  14. smoking a gram of some kind bud..
  15. picked up a half O of kb today, so I got the green. Drank some. Smoked some. Enjoyed myself. Getting ready to pass out so I can make the road trip home tomorrow and start my spring break.
  16. haha same my green, drank some green beer, now gunna get some sleep and head my ass home to party for the weekend...Picked up a half o and a quarter=D
  17. wat up:wave:

    bout to smoke a couple fat bowls:smoke:

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