St pattys day full grow

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  1. Im going to start a thread going from day 1 (today) to harvest.

    this is going to be my first solo grow with more then one plant, so it should be a learning experience for all of us newbies

    To start i have 2 sour diesel seeds and one called "cali mist" (dont believe the name) but anyway it was super goood weed with 1 seed in a quarter pound.

    Im mixing my soils today and gunna pop them bad boys in. postin pics soon!

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    Starting out in 10" pots, mixing my soil now. Germinate your seeds it should look like this.

    **EDIT** Be sure to put moist, not soaking, and not nearly dry, paper towels (i do one under and 2 on top) of your seeds. and put them in a capped tupperware. i used to leave them out on paper plates, they would be bone dry and really took alot longer to germinate. I find this best for me.****

    only one is ready for potting, so only one goes in, the others, they gotta wait.

    Ill post another set of some pictures once the other 2 germinate, so others know what to look for.

    Im going to also show you a picture on potting and soil itself.

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    Use two pots, one is going to not have holes, the other will. To start out, instead of using a solo cup, and doing 1 extra transplant i am going to start "hopefullly" her in a 6" diam. pot.

    We are going to add half fox farm ocean farm and have perlite mixture into the pot. IMO fox farm is the way to go, but there are tons of other options. DO NOT USE MG(miracle grow) its dirty, barkey, and full of nasty chemicals we dont want in our smoke. Ill attach a picture to show the finished mix.

    Make sure you add your water to your soil prior to planting your tiny little germinated seedling. we dont want to flood it out and make it harder then it has to be on "her" we will say for now.

    Poke about .5" down and try to get the taproot ( white thing poking out) facing downward.

    IF it lands sideways, leave it alone! It does not want your dirty hands touching it!. Its better to let itsself go deep and down without being in contact with you.

    I went to walmart and picked up a gallon water jug for about 2$. It has everything on it from L to Ml to Liquid Oz. This is nice to have so you give your plant the same amount of water every time, or if you are mixing nutes, u know where u stand.

    Let me water up the soil, and ill post some pre-seed and after seed pics.
  4. OK. Getting ready to post, after watering and mixing the soil and perlite (50/50) and watering the soil. I had no water dripping out. You do not need to drench the plant's young sprout. Im going to cover this pot over with saran wrap, or a plastic bag will work, and let nature do its thing. Pics are comin! 1st will be pre seed w/ watered soil, second with seed in hole, 3rd covered up and ready for a sprout to emerge. This is the first seed out of 3 i am starting for this thread.

    Also, Dont pack down your soil. The plants love Air in there as much as we like it, so dont suffocate them. I just mixed my soil together watered it, and gave it a nice mix up with a dried bamboo stick.
  5. Here's the pics. :) last step i got lazy and iddnt take a pic. but put some wrapping around the plant (saran) to keep that moisture in. The water we added earlier is enough for a sprout to appear, and like i said also, we dont wanna drown our little girl.

    I will also attach the pics of the products i used.

    Goes from soil - perlite - dry soil - moist soil- seed in taproot down - covered soil. LAST STEP (I do anyway) not shown is to wrap the top to keep moisture in. That is all it needs for now. Lets wait for my sprout and continue our journey!

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  6. Looks good man, keep going
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    yup, gunna go through with the pics and comments from start to finish. lets hope i get some luck o' the irish since their birthday is st pattys day! just waiting for the other sour d and cali mist seed to finish germin!

    My main intention in this thread though, which probably should have a different name. is to just try and spread some knowledge around, and gain myself as i post pics and people notice things, and show people its not impossible to get your OWN good naturual quality its fun :hello:
  8. OKAY! Update!

    My 2nd SD seed finished germinating! Still waiting on the Cali mist Seed, its only been 3 days so im gunna give it some time.

    2nd SD is now in the pot, put the syran wrap around it to keep the Water in there. Dont want our seedlings drying out, and we dont want to flood them out if it does.

    My First plant just started poking through, nothing really worth taking a picture of. Maybe tonight ill have a pic up for everyone. I Will 100% have a pic for you guys tomorrow though.

    Lets hope this Cali mist comes up! Also, got some great news. a fellow grower of mine is going to supply me with great genetics, he's got a clone for me. So we'll have a nice little adventure throughout the next 3 months! Keep the comments coming please! im no expert i have pretty good knowledge and i want your comments!

    you can never know everything!!! Never forget that!!
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    Here's the first sign of the sprout! Ill post another one tomorrow when it's actually standing up and outta the soil! :hello:

    Also, anyone using this as a referance for their first grow, we have only used FF ocean farm soil, and a mixture of perlite with it, i used a 50/50 mixture. i was using 3 pots, so i did one and a half full of soil, one and a half full of perlite. i dumped this in a 5gallon paint bucket (3 bucks at lowes) swirl it around and get your hands dirty, then scoop the soil back into the pots your going to start your plant in!

    the 3rd pot i have the soil redy, but no seed yet. Still waiting on the germination, hopefully i get this clone today :) #fingers crossed

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  10. only 9 hours later and here's some second pics! Sprout is up and out and the seeds not attached...sweet! :p

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    i put the cali mist seed in the soil tonight. It didnt fully Germ, however i saw the seed starting to crack. the tupperware started tos mell a little funk, and i didnt want the seed sitting in nasty water fora few days. I got the soil nice and moise, mixed it up put the seed cracked side down and used plastic wrap over it. Here's a picture of the complete room.

    Tomorrow is the last day im going to do 24/0 (2ND fulll day, i feel is plenty) and this is actually the first time i didnt just start with 18/6. See what happens with a different technique!

    Hopefully the cali mist sprouts, as it was some really nice quality sativa from what i remember (i was pretty stoned which is good enough for me!!)

    Tomorrow they are also going to get another 110W of CFL in there. I may do one bulb 55W, then add the 2nd a day after to ease it in.

    Cant wait to see "hers" #still crossing fingers# over the next week! One of my favorite parts to the grow!

    IF anyone can, one SD plant i think im oging to top, the other one iam going to just keep one cola, when do you guys feel is the best time to Top? do you go by amount of nodes or overall height??? That is the one thing im not sure of...thanks!

    Im going over to Home Depot tommorow to pickup my mylar, and get the whole room finished. Cannot wait to see results!

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  12. Fun, I just started a couple of seeds, so it will be fun comparing. I will be watching your grow if ya dont mind! By the way, what kind of CFLs are those, I just threw in two 48watt 2700k to go along with what I have, and im curious to see if they work well... or at all...
  13. So far so good man but what I always tell everyone make sure you have some type of fresh air flow. It's very important and I found out about that kind of late. So starting from now you should get some fresh air to you babies. Plus to avoid stretching prop those ladies(hopefully they are ladies) up right under those cfls. Those were the problems i started out with. Also what kind of lights do you plan on using the whole way through?
  14. i have a 150W MH/HPS and 210W of CFL, & i've been lettin the fresh air in :) letem soak it up, my first sprout from last night is now standing tall and the 2nd SD seed has sprung, still waitin on the cali mist to see what happens
  15. Here's some pics from day gunna keep posting daily but lay off the pics..ill post another at day ya go!

    Ther smaller one is what im calling SD2 (sour D)

    the bigger one is "SD1" its SD1's 2nd day of sprout, just germ'd a day faster..

    as to the Cali Mist seed i planted, still no luck. We'll see what happens there:confused:

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  16. ignore that 2nd pic! finger slipped on the cam!
  17. hey how much did that bag of perlite set u back?
  18. i think it was only 10 wasnt a big bag, then again i dont have any more then 9 pots total for this whole thing if and only if that other seed sprouts...other wise only 6 pots its only 5050 with the FF
  19. i believe i got it at a local garden center..they hapen to have everything..all organic nutes..soils..grow lights hydro tables mylar...evvvverything!

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