St Patrick's Day, The Irish Way

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  1. Well as you all know (or should know) tomorrow is St. Patricks day. Now St. Patrick was this guy who got rid of all of our snakes and was basically a bad-ass. So every year, around the world we celebrate in his honour.

    The way the majority of the Irish don't spend it isn't banging on about "Saint Paddy did this and that" and looking at rivers that were dyed green, no, we spend ours getting so ridiculously locked that we end up puking the river green.

    So I figured I'd take some pictures tomorrow and give everyone a play-by-play of St Patrick's day. the Irish way.

    Oh and so far I have:

    1 x 350ml Smirnoff Vodka
    8 x 500ml Cans of Bavaria (abv 5%)
    1 x 500ml Archers Peah Schnapps

    And this is just for before I go to the parade let alone the pub.

    P.S If you don't own anything green to wear tomorrow, pin a bag of weed to your jumper or just smoke yourself green :rolleyes:
  2. :hello:amen brother. reppin county monaghan haha i'm gettin smashed tomorrow!
  3. That's the spirit man.
  4. fuck guinness im drinkin smithwicks and buckfast haha
    but really I hate st paddys day over here, im irish american and im tired of mutherfuckers wearing green and tryin to pinch me and thinkin there irish. Im sure 99% of people here who call themselves on saint paddys day over here dont know what tiocfaidh ár lá means.:D

  5. man thats the fuckin way to do it :D
    im stocking up too in the press so far ive got:
    2 naggins of jd
    20 bottles of beer for when the lads come over tommorow morning
    a nagginf of smirnoff
    and to top it all off theres this wierd ass polish vodka shit in the press too

    the guys are pickin me up a 50 bag to make up for bein robbed the other day too:D
  6. aye lad wot part of the emerald isle ya in ,,im from co.wexford ,now live in the states
  7. What do yall think about the direct action CFAD people, obviously you all disagree with them. But is it true that there hassling honest hard workin pot smokers?

    nice avatar warparty you a republican?
  8. Best beer EVER.
  9. Heres to the first drink of the day *raises bud* and in bout 10 minutes the first joint

    im from laois.... arsehole of nowhere but sure its all good
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    Yeow, just leaving me gaf now can of bav in hand I do realise it's a bit mad seeing as how its only 10.16am but fuck it, I want to get in to town nice and early and hit the pub for an all day session.

    EDIT: Im from Dublin
  11. I'm Irish and this is my first St. Patrick's Day as a 21 year old. I had big plans for this day. Unfortunately shit happens, bad economy, lots of bills, and I have two dollars to my name right now. Looks like I'm not drinking much today.

    Maybe I'll go buy a 2 dollar scratch ticket and see if I get lucky, or look for some change and at least get a 40 of Steele Reserve or Old E.
  12. Happy St. Patrick's day everyone! looking foward to some fine wine today if you catch my drift.

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