St Paddys Day Aftermath

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  1. wow..what a crazy saturday. Had a bitching house party. Ever heard of the Ultimate Irish Car Bomb? Yea well we made one..basically its 4 guiness 4 shots of baileys..and 4 shots of irish whiskey. There will be a vid of it posted on youtube soon, and when it does ill post it..hooked up with a girl that made me say "O SHIT!" when I woke up..

    :eek: fucking beegees

    how was ure st paddys day? Go to the bar? A sweet house party? Or a sweet session at the house? Lets hear some stories.

    some of the people taking jello shots

    The Fish Bowl..this is where u take car bombs from


    The Fridge


    Stoners ;)


    This is where I ended up

  2. I had a total of 8-10 blunts, a six pack of Miller High Life, some hookas at the hooka bar, got a date with a girl workin at the place, chilled with some people there, came home, smoked 2 more blunts, and passed out.

    I just woke up and I'm still fucked up, but I'm out of blunts and that's never a good thing..
  3. Yeah, I wasn't even aware it was St. Patty's until well into our Hookah session at the bar that I just started going to.

    We had five people there with three Hookahs going all at once and played poker until the wee hours of the morning, harrassing the clientelle with horrible renditions of Sublime songs.

    "She lies, that little slut!"


  4. Haha, we actually brought up the beginning of Smoke Two Joints by Sublime at the bar and were crackin up.

    Marihuana cigarettes.. Reefers! :mad:
  5. I went to the bar for a couple drinks with a buddy and just laughed at all the people; definitely was not a bar for 20somethings to hang out at (unless you're in to big women).

    They didn't even have a special on guiness!

    so it wasn't too eventful. just had a couple drinks and couple shots then bounced out
  6. well since st. patricks day hasnt happened yet,

    i havent done anything for it.

    what did yall do for 4/20 this year? :p
  7. They moved St. Patrick's day to last night because it would've interfered with a holy Monday or something. News to me too, but I got completely wasted last night anyway so I had fun without knowing.
  8. I didn't consider Saturday St Patrick's Day since all the bars in Tallahassee are having something on Monday.

    St Patty's Day will always be on March 17, so I'll be getting shitty on green beer starting at noon.
  9. St. Patrick's day is actually on monday..although I guess I can see how people would celebrate it last night if they have things to do monday. But we're on spring break and when my friends and I wake up on monday we're just going to start drinking and make our way downtown and bar hop all day long and hopefully end up making it deep into the night. Should be a great time.
  10. I woke up this afternoon and my bottom lip hurt like I go into the bathroom and look at it and it's all swollen. I look a little closer and the entire inside is brusied and bloody. I have noo idea how it happened, so I called my friend Jamie and apparently last night after we were done at the bar, I opened the cab door and I smashed my face with it. Soo that explains the lip.

    I was just sitting here in bed and went to itch my right foot and it I look and it's all cut up. My left knee is all cut up, too.

    I don't remember how much I drank...actually I don't remember how much I smoked either haha...I pulled more than a few awesome bong hits though. Now I'm just waiting for the phone calls to roll in for my friends to tell me how ridiculous I was last night haha.
  11. What the fuck....Isnt St. Pattys day tomorow?
  12. ^^^ thats what i said.
  13. Yeah, tomorrow I'm going to a job interview and taking a piss test for said job. Afterwards going to a buddies house and smoking a blunt, then maybe drink a few beers or something. Those are my plans for St. Patrick's day.
  14. sorry..ure right its monday i was still drunk when i posted this.
  15. St. Patrick's Day is officially Saturday March 15. The reason is that according to catholic law, celebrating a saint's day is not allowed during the week between Palm Sunday and Easter. Thus since the 17th is between these days the church moved St. Patrick's Day to the 15th.

    For non-hardcore observers this results in a once in a blue moon 4 day holiday starting Friday night through Monday night!
  16. Now Im all confused n shit. I thought St Paddys was tomorrow?
  17. As the person who posted directly before you said:


  18. Son of a bitch. Thats gay as aids goddamnit I didnt celebrate!
  19. Well all the "official" St. Patricks day parties around here at the bars happen tomarrow. I was not aware that today was the official day?? I go by my 2008 calender, which states St. Patricks day is tomarrow - and - I go by the bars schedule. I really dont think the bars abide to catholic law. I'll be getting hammered tomarrow night in celebration of...
  20. Is that a chick ur banging in that car?

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