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  1. I've lurked this forum forever and finally decided to just be active. I had an account before that I posted like once and then didn't log in for a while and had it connected to my blackberry email and in the spring I had my purse stolen out of my fucking hands & ended up having to get a new phone that was not a blackberry so I no longer had access to that email address & then just never registered a new account until now.

    So hello all!
  2. stl here to, welcome to the city.

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    What part of STL are you in (just mean city or county really, not necessarily specifics haha)? & thanks!
  4. chesterfield area , how about yourself?
  5. oh nice! I've only been to Chesterfield once (my dog was adopted from the Chesterfield humane society) I'm in south county near Tesson Ferry & 270.
  6. ah very cool.hows the bud looking like on your side of the town?
  7. It's alright I guess. When I lived off of 4th street downtown someone in my apartment building had GREAT shit but I was working at Barnes at the time so I didn't smoke as much as I do now. Now that I'm in the county my options are limited because I don't really know anyone out here & the guy I do know/smoke with/get from sometimes it's hit or miss.
    Chesterfield pretty good?
  8. yeah in the summer theres ussually a couple droughts where the bud wont be up to par. but recently its been real good. if you click the links on my sig itll show you my pickups. should give you a good presentation of some bud thats out here

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