St. Louis Headshops!

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  1. Name them! maybe even googlemaps links too.

    I'm livin in the StL area, college is 'round here... lookin' to visit a headshop this weekend! i know of sunshine daydream @ the loop but thazz bout it.

    thanks gc :hello:
  2. which college? wash u, slu, fontbonne, etc etc etc?

    sunshine daydream is bullshit. if you want to go to a good head shop in the loop, check out Emporium. it's on a side street a little ways down from Tivoli.

    there's a few in florissant/norco, but i've never been. i mostly frequent Area 51 and Eclipse, both are a couple doors from each other on Gravois on the border of south city. Eclipse is a much better store, for the record

    ....i will admit, sunshine daydream in south county is kind of fun to go to, because the actual head shop is a seperate hidden room you have to ask to go in. but they're overpriced and don't have a very good selection.
  3. TNT glass, The Emporium, and Sunshine Daydream are all in the loop.

    Sunshine isn't just a headshop. It's got hippie clothes and all the works.

    TNT and the Emporium are very nice, check 'em out!
  4. Yeah this is pretty old..old as fuck but I don't wanna make a new thread. For people who stop by and read this, does anyone know if TNT, The Emporium, and the others on the loop sell high end glass; RooR, Illy, Toro..that kinda stuff? I'm lookin for another bong, but the sunshine by me only has one Illy, the rest aren't name brand. Closest thing is a left coast perc'd splashguard.
  5. I got my first piece ever at TNT. They have some real nice glass there, but they are kinda pricey. I haven't been to emporium, but I've heard they have some pretty good stuff and their prices aren't too bad. Sunshine is kinda the same as TNT, good stuff, but overpriced.
  6. You see any RooR's there?

  7. I don't really remember man, it's been a couple years since I've been.

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