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Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. I was wondering if anyone here takes st. johns wort. I was taken off of my rx for celexa, but still had some general aniexty and depression. nothing ar nearly as bad as what I had a few years ago. I decided to come off the rx a while ago, and have been taking st johns wort occasionally to help with at least the aniexty. I find it does help, anyone else take it?
  2. Sensi, I've taken it and while I noticed a bit of a difference, it made me hot. I would get really hot like the heat was on or something, so I had to stop taking it. I have a friend who gave up blue footballs for it and she say's that it's the best thing she's taken for anxiety. My mother used it for depression one winter and she did well on it too. Apparently, it does work!
  3. Ive taken it and when ive taken it regularly, (it takes a little while to take affect), it makes me over sensitive to sunlight. So have your dark glasses ready. Kava Kava is also great for anxiety so ive heard.
  4. i take it on and off...but not regularly enuff to see a marked difference...i guess i should try it

  5. yeah I heard it will make you sensitive to far as the hot thing, I havent experienced that.
    But Kava Kava, I have tried a while ago, and didnt like the effects at all. I was very lethargic (sp?), tired, felt like I had to literally pull my legs around, they just drug. I felt tired etc..I used it then just before bed, but woke up felling way too groggy. I discontinued that. Later, about 2 months the news had a report on Kava Kava and the negative effects of it. The report had concluded nothing good about it, ( I cant remember details) and I had never used it thereafter...thanks all for the input.
    Ive been using the st johns for almost a month now, steadliy and have found good results. I would literally shake and sweat being so anixous sometimes in public and I no longer have these simptoms. I went though from a regular 150mg maybe two times a day to like a 400mg time release, so I guess I just have to find wha I like best and go with it..

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