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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by joshy, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Alright, first and foremost, I LOVE Metallica. Seen them live, and that turned me into a huge fan. So St. Anger comes out, and I'm very skeptical that it would be like Reload (I really don't like it) or not up to par with the early shit. So I buy it Saturday, and I'm amazed. To me it seems like it was released after "And Justice For All...". All heavy and hard, its a fresh breather after Load and Reload, Garage Inc. and S&M (Garage Inc. was pretty damn good, but the real hard shit was the early shit on Disc 2). To me Metallica has totally redeemed themselves, and while the new bassist isn't Cliff, or Jason, he has already earned his proberbial wings.

    Anyone else got it or listened to it? Love to hear yall's opinions. (And don't be a bitch and say blah blah blah Napster blah blah blah they suck cause they want to stop music trade blah blah blah) I'm only interested in the music feedback.
  2. I really like metallica's first 5 albums. St. Anger sounds terrible imo. i hate the drum sounds and the lack of thrash riffs. James' vocals/lyrics aren't as good either.
  3. Its better than I expected, St.Anger the song is quite r0x0r.
  4. I love that song. Im downloading it right now.
  5. Cant say i like it,just not the same
    Seems like they tryed to hard to sound young.

  6. LOL, hey did anyone see the web cartoons a few years back? Money Good Napster Bad? The Metallicops was funny as hell.
  7. I took it up to Disc Exchange with some others and swapped it out today.
  8. I was dissappointed by their new album on a number of levels.

    First of all, the vocals sound brutal. James' voice sounds like its lost alot.

    Second, the drum sounds were weak, lars sounds like hes trying hard just to keep up.

    and last, WHERE ARE THE SOLO'S? One of the things that made metallica so big and popular was Kirk Hammett's solos, why in god's name would they create a full album with virtually no solo's?

    I sold my copy of st.anger to a friend for 5 bucks.
  9. ok guys, think of it like this, if you turned on your radio tonight and you didn't know james' voice and any of the tracks from the new album came on, you'd think "oh my christ that is some hardcore shizit!!!" I think the only way to really get it is to forget that its metallica and listen to it (or preferably mosh to it) with open ears. I just have to say that I saw them play a secret gig at the download festival here in the uk a few months back and they blew my head off, I was stood about 2 metres from kirk et al, awesome!
  10. Hey, here's what I think...

    It sounds like it was recorded in a shoe box, and the snare sounds like it is just a kitchen sink.

    And by the way, the new bassist in Metallica is not the one on the album. Bob Rock played bass on St. Anger. Rob Trujillo was in Suicidal Tendencies. They were much better than Metallica ever since Cliff died.

    Metallica is no longer a band, it is an industry.

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