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  1. Well, I just purchased SSX, haven't been a fan of their other titles but this one seemed like it was going to be a winner. So far, after playing it a little, seems pretty cool and obviously very un realistic. But anyway I'll let you guys know once a get a little further into the game, gameplay is very easy to do tricks.

    Anyone else play the game?

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    yea its pretty cool I'm kind of urked that you can't like just make a custom race and actually physically race other players... but i loved patagonia so cool with the wing suits i only did 3/9 so far so idk all of it yet

    edit: i just played an alaska map that was reverse view! pretty sick i have to say... the alaska deadly descent was just as fun as the patagonia one
  3. yeah sick game look through the first 2 pages of the gamers section and you will find an SSX thread that is 7 or so pages long. post in that. go threw and read what people said im sure youll have fun in there
  4. The demo was cool, but I'll wait for a price drop. If it had photo mode, it'd be a day 1 purchase for me.

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