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  1. I'm thinking of getting a ssv soon an was wondering what GC owners of it think, have any tips/tricks?/what do u like about it? Any problems? And if u have one can u post a pic please and thank you, also is 400$ to much? That's the total itl come to at my headshop, well 395$ so same thing really, thanks a lot

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  2. That is way to much unless its one of the wave rider series or comes with a vapor tamer.  
  3. Where do you live?
    In the US, I got mine for $200 at a headshop.
    It's a great vape. The standard heating cover takes a little to get used to but not much. However, I'd also get the Glass on Glass heater cover and wand if you wanna do vapour-bongin' with it.
  4. Canada, sadly everything's more expensive here lol

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  5. Get a blemished one from 7thFloor.
    Its a great vape, so is the DBV.
  6. Yes, go onto ebay and buy a blemished one from them. I paid $200 something for mine? I think new they are 270 it looks like, so i figure i got my vape for 170 then off ebay. Absolutely fantastic price considering how much it saves.
  7. And look no further than this bad boy. I just have the basic whip and vape setup. But its amazing. Great full hits, great vapor if you want, leaves everything nice and evenly done. You don't have to worry about combustion ever, to be honest. Unless you take a huge amount of pulls from a tiny tiny portion and dry it all out. But that's only happened to me once, and it tasted a little worse but wasn't even blackened. Definetly go for this one. It is simply a tremendous vape. Takes only a minute or two to heat up as well, and I smoke it so often and never have to worry about smell, it just makes a sort of caramel smell. You can't go wrong with this guy.

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