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SSV vs Extreme Q

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Chimera Prod, Apr 24, 2010.

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    So I'm trying to decide between the 2, which one would you buy? The new Extreme Q or ssv?
    I won't be using the bags at all, but I also like the remote control of the extreme so I can kick back and not have to constantly rotate or mess with the vape everytime I want to hit it. I'll be using only the whip though.
  2. I voted for ssv since I've got one on layaway at the moment, never looked at the Extreme Q tho, peace.
  3. After looking at the Extreme Q I would vote again for the ssv if I could, peace.
  4. I voted for the Extreme Q as i have one. i have never tried the SSV but my buddy has the buddah and it works great and very efficient but i like all the options the extreme offers like the remote, optional bag or whip, a timer in case you fall asleep digital readout so you can get the most from your herb. i was like you and only thought i would use the whip but after using the bag option its almost all i use it comes in handy for when you want to vape on the go like when your in the kitchen making food you can still vape so it does come in very handy and works great for party's
  5. If you're not going to be using bags at all, the SSV would be the better choice but I'm a bit confused regarding your comment about the remote and not having to constantly rotate or mess with the vape. If you get the SSV with the standard whip, you have to rotate the wand to get an even vape on your bud. Unless you get either the hands free attachment or the GonG option, using the SSV requires a bit of manual involvement. But if you want a HF whip vape, the Buddha would be a better choice being that it comes standard with GonG hands free whip and you don't have to pay extra for it like you would with the SSV.
  6. ^ Listen to this guy, he's a vape guru, peace.
  7. VOLCANO, everything else is a joke
  8. Man am I glad I posted right before you did lol!
  9. No shit. lol..........

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