SSV (Silver Surfer Vaporizers) Opinions?

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  1. I had a session yesterday with one of these


    I liked it. But not being able to see how hot the element was got annoying. We found a setting that seemed to work ok, but I think a grinder would have made a big difference.

    Anyways, I just wanted to know if anybody else had experiences & other opinions on these.

    It definitely looks cool :cool: haha
  2. The SSV enjoys the reputation of being one of the, if not THE, best whip based vape on the market.
  3. i used one before, I loved it, but like you said it's a bit troubling to find a good temp for you, but once you have it set there, it's perfect

    and yeah, definitely use a grinder when vaping

    overall a great whip vape :smoking:
  4. Silver surfer is an amazing vaporizer, ive owned one for about a year now and the thing is incredible. definitely recommend it
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    Agreed. Great whip type vaporizer.

    All vapes have a learning curve, and I have a DBV which is similar in some ways. It should take you a week or two to get the perfect setting on the dial.
    But the speed of your pull plays a MAJOR role in the temperature. This is why you must always be careful when pulling slow as you risk combusting the herb.
    Check out tokinglx on YouTube he owns and sells the SSV and DBV.
  6. I have one and it absolutely rips, if you like huge hits you'll love it. As far as temp goes and the reason ssv only uses a knob is as follows from the FAQ on their site:

    OK, so you want to know why the SSV does not use a digital readout. Well, I guess I have to answer that with a question of what is this digital readout supposed to read? The element? No I don't think so, that is not the temperature of the air going over your tobacco. The glass around the element? No, that too is not a good reading of the air passing over the tobacco. The only place to get a true readout would be in the tobacco chamber. Well now you would introduce more electronics in the vapor stream. The SSV keeps it simple allowing the product to be even more durable and longer lifespan. Come on, the new volcano vaporizer only offers a 2 year warranty on their digital version. One year less than standard. So you spend more for less reliability? OK. This goes with all things having more electronics. Remember the appliances from 20-30 years ago? They had less tech gadgets but would last and work well. Well, we have adopted those old school American principals. I agree it would be great to know the exact temperature of the air over the tobacco. But I assure you, this information is completely unnecessary. As long as you follow the directions in the SSV manual you will find your proper vaporizing temperature every time. Once you have it down, its like riding a bike. Really the more techy, the more of your money you send over to China.
  7. I own a SSV and to be honest it is one of the best vaporizers i have hit. (and i have used a volcano, dont really like the bag setup). And on top of it, i can hook up my SSV to any 14mm bong/bubbler i have. Which then leads to super cold hits of snow in the winter out of the RooR (For all of you mid-western people :p) and those cold vapor hits are some of the most enjoyable hits i have ever taken.

    Like everyone is saying, once you figure out the temp for YOUR vape you will start getting some monster hits. You cant expect to get the right temperature right off the bat, it took me like a month or two to fully get the perfect temp. Plus you can control the size of your hit by lowering the temp or shortening your draws which ends up saving you a ton of weed.

    And another big thing on the SSV, the taste you get from it (if you have some quality herb) is just beyond belief. I have been using my SSV only for 2 weeks straight just for the fact that im sick of tasting smoke compared to delicious vapor of this master kush :D.

    If anyone is thinking about picking up one of these, stop thinking and start doing! You will definitely not regret it at all.

    SSV FTW! :hello:
  8. I love mine, definately a good buy
  9. Damn! Thanks for all the feedback guys :D haha

    Sounds like it has a good reputation so far. & there are a few things that I like about the SSV more than a normal vaporizer.

    It feels sturdy & durable. I can handle it without worrying about breaking it since it's not mine.
    Another thing is that it's ready pretty fast. I kept underestimating how hot the element was.

    I'm still kind of new to vaping so it's all good, I know it's not gonna be my primary method just yet.
    Definitely gets the job done though. Getting high on the vape practically melts my face off
    The taste is incredible too. We smoked some shake that my friend's landlord had & it tasted like sex in a cloudy vapor :yummy:

    But thanks everyone for the replies. Much appreciated :wave:

    Anyone else? Maybe we could even get some pictures in here of other people's SSV

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