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  1. Yea so I just bought this sexy mofo today and I want to know the best settings to vape flowers on.  I want big vapor clouds, not smoke clouds.  Where should the heat nob be?
    Also are the water filter whips worth it?

  2. 1. Well the knobs actually vary from vape to vape, but I'd start around 12 and work your way up until you produce satisfactory vapor. We can't really help you not burn, the SSV is more of a guess and check until you get it right vape. Once you find your temp, I recommend taking off the knob and setting it right at 12.
    2. If you could post a link to what you're talking about, that'd be great. Because I did a simple search and found nothing of what you're talking about.
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  4. I start at 3:00 and go up to 4:30
  5. Doesn't that burn your flowers? How much do you load?
    I would like to reiterate that no two 7th floor knobs are alike. My 12 could have been around 4 or 5, it all depends on the specific vape.
    And those water attachments are good for 18mm attachments, but the hose goes directly into 14mm joints.
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  7. oh okay cool.  thanks guys.
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  8. my ssv wont burn either, i start mine at 3 and go until it wont go anymore and it cooks it perfectly.  My herb never burns and if i cook it all the way goes dark brown like it should.
    Should it actually be able to burn weed if i put the temp all the way at max? Mine wont lol, even through a bong
    No, it doesn't..just gets them golden brown. I think I may have a unit with a weaker heater or something; I can't seem to get anything if I start at 2:00.
  10. Oh I see.  Yea 2:00 is the perfect temp for mine.  How much should I load in a vape bowl?  
    Shouldn't be more than halfway, or else it'll burn your material from being too close to the heating element. So anywhere from .1-.4. :wave:
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