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  1. Hi everyone, I have a lot of questions about this vape I just got since I used to smoke exclusively. 1) I always take large thick vapor hits, is this wasting weed? I've heard if you can see vapor you've exhaled, that it's wasting it. 2) How many hits should I expect out of weed in about .2g, vaping it all the way? "All the way" being until it's dark brown. 3) Is vapor bonging not worth it? I heard it wastes like 2% more or something but it adds up. And last question, 4) Best vape temp for thick vapor hits? I put it at 2 o' clock. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hate to leave you hanging with no response, but I'm a new vaper (Da Buddah), so....

    1) I am not sure. I have read the same. I tend to re-breath, that is exhale a bit and take another breath. Don't hold you breath for too long, it's really not good for you to do over and over, daily.

    2) Maybe 10? It's dependent on how slow/long your draw is

    3) I don't know. I've only tried it a couple times. I am not sure I see much of a point when the vape from the wand is smooth to me (compared to smoke out of a bong). I guess it could help filter out small particulate matter in the vapor.

    4) I tend to use around 2:00 as well. Maybe start out at 1:30 and work my way up to 2:30
  3. 1: if you exhale visible vapor than technically yes you are wasting. The more you vape the more your body will handle holding the hits longer.

    2: thats a totally personal preference. I vape mine to mostly all dark brown. I get around 10-20 hits depending on temps and what herb i have. Every strain vapes different.

    3: i almost exclusively vaporbong. Of you use cold water and ice you will lose a tiny bit but at room temp and up you will have no issues.

    4: i personally do not have a ssv bit from what ive read 12-2 is the best spot.
  4. Thanks for the answers both of you, also I've heard warm water is good for vaporbonging, is this true?
  5. Yep. Much smoother than cold or room temp water. I also like leaving the bong dry. Its like a giant steamroller hit lol.
  6. 1. Well...maybe? But I take massive fucking hits too. I've heard lots of things about exhaled vapor. My assumption is going to be that its wasted. After all, if vapor is 99% actives, what are we exhaling if it isn't actives? I've also heard our lungs reach an absorbtion limit. I've also read evidence that regardless, vapor is going to take longer to absorb than smoke. I've personally noticed that holding hits in does make a bit of a difference, but Id rather exhale some while taking big hits than take small hits and be sure I'm ghosting every bit. Don't put yourself through discomfort in the interest of absorbing every last drop - the whole point is to enjoy yourself. That being said, your body will get better at absorbing vapor. I can ghost hits that woulda been clouds before.

    2. This is very difficult. Depends very significantly on the type of bud, temp used, and inhale style and inhale speed. Any single one can have a drastic effect. I've taken .2 hits in just one or two hits, and I've also drawn them out to where I long lost count. On average I would say through the SSV dry Ill get a good 15-20 hits depending on how good the herb is. Through a bong its more like 10-12 or so. Those hits though O.O, they fry the brain. I may not be going quite as dark as you are, but my preference has changed over time.

    3. Fuck yes it is. SO worth it. The 2% sounds madeup. THC's water solubility is under .5% I believe, so its that at the most, and there's no way a soul on earth could tell the difference. Any percieved loss is EASILY made up for in the ability to size your hit. I can take seriously massive rips with a bong, and visual confirmation is a very nice placebo. The chug from -most- bongs really aids vaporizing too in my opinion. Its easier to have a steady draw, and puts some drag in the airflow (in a good way!! There's bad ways too!). I vaporbong more often than not. I've upgraded to the LSV since, but when I had my SSV I connected it directly to my bong with a double 18mm adapter. Id post a vid, but I'm on my phone. If you search YT for "SSV Direct" it should be the first, by stoneymilkyway.

    4. Preferred temp varies a lot too unfortunately. The reason 7th floor doesn't put actual temps on the knob is because they would ALWAYS be incorrect. The vaporizer can't know how quickly you're inhaling. A slower pull will be a much hotter temp whereas a quicker one will cool down the element, and not spend as much time around it. On my SSV I was generally around 12-2 depending on what I was doing, feeling, and the strain I had on hand. With my LSV I keep it at 1 all the time, but crank it up to 3 or more, where I -can- combust, but if I just stack the hell out of my bong, I get the thickest vapor rips without charring or waiting long for vapor to form.
  7. Super helpful, another question though (surprising). My connection to my bong is pretty good, but how fast should I draw via bong to get thick hits? I haven't been doing it for too long so I'm still learning. I draw fast and it does milk, but slow takes a long time but it seems to be thicker. What should I do? Thanks.
  8. Just do what feels right for you. One thing heos and i do is direct hits meaning no whip. I have an extreme q so i cant help but heos can tell you how he did it with the ssv. Its a whole new way to vape.

  9. Alright thanks. So heos, when you see this help a brotha out :p
  10. He has some vids on youtube of him doing it

  11. I just watched some, his set up is so nice I'm so jealous lol.
  12. How hard to pull is really left to preference. Again, slower is gonna be hotter and faster will be cooler. If you rip fast with a high temp you can get the biggest hits in my opinion, but most of the time I find a happy middle. I know that may not help much xD, but its difficult to give a better answer. If the hits seem thick but you aren't charring or vaping through the bowl too quickly Id say your technique is solid. It does take time for vapor to form, which is why I sometimes turn up to temp and rip slow, but pull quicker the second I see vapor (this is a bit dangerous, pull too slowly or pull slowly for too long and you could combust).

    As for the direct connection, if you saw some of my vids you probably already have a good idea.

    I'm no fan of the tubing, so I got a double sided 18mm male joint as a direct connection bowl. I have the hands free SSV, so it normally fits on a wand with an 18mm male bowl. Once I got a screen fitted into the double sided joint (similar to how you'd get it in the wand) I simply used that as my bowl instead. Pick up SSV and connect it on. It might seem a bit awkward, as the SSV isn't exactly handheld, but I love it.

  13. THis is false, THC Is absorbed (almost) instantly into your lungs, holding it in longer does not make you higher.

    As far as i understand, a vape cloud will not be thicker if held in for a shorter time. It's still the exact same moisture, minus the THC thats absorbed into your body.
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    You're incorrect. The actives in vapor are larger than in smoke. They are released differently.

    So THC is not absorbed instantly, nor is it the only active in Cannabis. There's countless cannabinoids, and they have oils attached to them now too, making them take longer to be absorbed.

    Should you put yourself through discomfort to hold a hit forever? No, but exhaling instantly is not remotely efficient and Id play with the vapor in my lungs for a bit.

    Edit - you do have a vape right? Its a very simple test to clearly see holding in longer = less thick. I can exhale no vapor by playing with it, or fill up the entire damn room in a single hit. The difference is extreme.

  15. How it's different to smoke? it's still the same chemical, same effects...
    So you're saying that it absorbs instantly if you smoke, and not if you vape? that doesnt make sense to me
  16. It is different than smoke. There's more than just chemicals here. You have just the active particles swirling in smoke - among heavier particles. Because of this THC tends to get absorbed quite quickly, its incredibly small and among heavier particles, which act to "push" it in.

    In vapor, there aren't the heavier particles, and actives are often with the remains of the sublimated oils. This makes them a bit bigger, and requires more time to absorb.

    Even if you don't buy that, its fairly clear holding in longer results in less vapor blown out. That's a quickly apparent and somewhat unavoidable experiment.

  17. Holding it in longer shouldn't have any relation to how much THC Is absorbed.

    Vapor is moisture in the ganja, which contains THC. THC is a chemical and I don't see how that has any relation to the physical property of vapor. Don't you think it's less of a cloud because the moisture is being taken out? at a much slower rate than the THC being absorbed. A chemical (THC) and a Physical property really shouldn't have much of a relation as far as i understand?

    As for it being absorbed differently to smoke, i'm no expert but Im still not completely sold with your explanation.
  18. I tried explaining it clearly. THCs are not all by themselves. It DOES change the physical compound, and makes it harder for lungs to absorb.

    Sorry, but even your opening statement, THC ALWAYS has a relation to how long you hold it in. In smoke, due to heavier particles and the especially small (and lone) THC molecules get absorbed easier, but they still aren't absorbed instantly. There's absolutely still a relation. All studies on the topic prove this.

    With vapor, it IS different, the other stuff you're inhaling does effect your overall absorbtion.

    Unless you have some evidence or reason to believe otherwise...we do know with confidence that essential oils don't vape with THC in vaping like it does in smoking.
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    I'm not trying to prove you wrong or anything, you seem to know what you're talking about. I'm just questioning what you're saying so I can understand it better. just comparing it to what I do know and understand. Vaping is a whole new story obviously and is even more different than I thought, according to what you explained.

    "Almost" instantly, my mistake.
  20. Its somewhat new to me too, Id been trying to find something conclusive on the duration held for vapor vs smoke for a while now and this is what Ive found. I'm on my phone or Id try to find the actual link.

    I thought it was floating active particles (THC, CBD, etc) regardless of if its smoke or vapor as well. Apparently since your going through the process of sublimation (technically vaporizing is slang, as were evaporating oils), the overall size of the particle isn't only the actives (CBD, THC, etc), and may take longer for our lungs to absorb.

    The other part I didn't quite understand is the fact that being surrounded by heavy particles in smoke might actually help them being absorbed. It didn't go into enough detail as to why that is the case, but something to do with heavier particles being pushed to the sides, making it easier for the few small ones to be absorbed. It makes -some- sense to me as I know heavier particles are more likely to be smeared to glass, but its hard to envision the physics of it in your lungs.

    I hope that made more sense, and I hope I can find more evidence/more solid understanding in the future.

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