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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by thekey2, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. So about a month ago i received my SSV, and i must say I'm in LOVE. I was always a bong man, but the high of the tape is superb. It not only saves me some bud, but the smoke is so much smoother and i can tell my lungs are thanking me already. My lungs have always been really sensitive and i honestly the bong, as much as i love it, was just killin them. However, there is one concern I've had with this vaporizer, I think i may be inhaling small plant particles, up to the size of a speck (lol) and probably microscopic. The vaporizer works so well that is almost turns my weed to dust ( A golden/yellow color) These become so small in size, that the screen i have can still allow some of the small particles to pass through. Over time I've seen the accumulation of them in the tube/mouth piece and ect. Aswell as time to time i get the feeling i get some of them in the mouth/throat/ more than likely lungs. Now I'm wondering, is this to be a health concern at all? I've been filtering threw water which defeintly stops it for the most part i think, but its takes the flavor away, and i just love the tape taste. Am i just being over paranoid? what health consequences could this have? Im just not interested in damaging myself anymore, I'm trying to be a lot healthier, and i don't want to give weed up all together, so just trying to do it the best way possible ( other than edibles).

    Thanks guys :)
  2. Im gonna take a wile guess and say you are gonna be fine! Maybe check out the SSV thread at fuckcombustion and see if they have found any mods to fix the screen if there is a problem?

    I have a solo and when I first got it I tried to pack it by sucking my bud up. When I did that I got all kinds of particles in my mouth and in the stem. But when I stopped packing the bowl that way I didn't have anymore problems with particles.
  3. Well dang. This is easy!

    Solution: don't stop using a bong ;D

    You said yourself you're a bong man. I used my Silver Surfer through a bong constantly. Takes away any danger of inhaling particles. Dry you can always add a second screen.

  4. Cotton works as well, shove a glob of it in the mouthpiece. :D
  5. Wouldn't some of the good stuff(THC and other cannabinoids) stick to the cotton?
    I wouldn't be okay knowing some of it was lost ha, even if it was just a little bit.
    I'd go OCD and spas at the thought of it.
  6. Actually I shouldn't say no. It's so minimal though that's it's negligible. If you keep trying to vape cotton that you've put wax through, it won't produce any more.

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