Ssv Or Plentey? Sum1 Helpp

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  1. I looked up grasscity search to see if anyone ever used the Plenty Vaporizer but nothing came up. I heard its one of the best ones but just a lil expensive but money isnt a issue, if you can afford good medicine you can afford a good device. But I heard the silver surfer is good also. Im looking to using something besides my bong, because its makein me cough like crazy after some crazy hits of some kush and diff strains ive been useing. and its gonna be my first Vape so i wanna go for the Gold. Can someone Please point me in the right direction? and Im tryn to make this purchase within the next 2 days. ASAP loll 

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    I meant Plenty...yeah im medicated while makein this thread..
    i seen both reviews on youtube but nothin really bad came up except the pleant just has a cord but im not worried about the length im just worried about the strength. like hugh vape hits and such....
  3. SIlver Surfer..
    .....or if you want to continue to use your bong, but have it provide the smoothest, cleanist, thickest and tastiest vapor on the planet, check out either the Cloud or the LSV.
  4. decisions, decisions....geez just checked the LSV out damn..that looks niice .....Fuckity Fuck...
    And for less money than either the Surfer or the Plenty.
  6. If you get the lsv you can clean out your bong and pair the two together !
  7. thanks yall i just placed the order of the LSV last nite...cant wait i like huge hits like the size of watermelons n shit..   ;)

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