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  1. Hello guys,
    So today i received my SSV. Although i havent had the chance to use it yet, i was looking at the wand and was wondering how much bud i should load? The bowl is pretty big, one of the reasons i purchased it was to try to conserve more, but with a bowl this big ill be using almost twice as much as before. So i was wondering if i had to fill it up all the way or just half way.....or??? I am also looking for tips on how to get the most out of my bud, i want to conserve as much as possible. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    You can cover the screen with barely enough bud and use it that way, there's no right way to use a vape. When I first got my DBV I was loading party bowls, but I realized after that that I didn't need to pack so much since I was running through weed like crazy. Experiment :wave:
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    I just got an SSV as well. When I load the wand, very little weed fills it about a 1/4 inch layer (not compressed down), which is more than enough to get baked.
    EDIT: Also, you won't want to load weed too close to the heating source to avoid combustion, besides you'd be ripped if you packed that much
    In the directions on how to use it, it tells you not to load more than "halfway" or else it is likely to combust. :wave:

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