SST : Is it necessary bubble ?

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  1. Hi folks,

    I have seen some people bubbling their SST after sprout. Untill now i haven't find any explanation why they do this . I just see, in some videos on youtube, that you can't bubble no longer than a especific time as can harm your plant.

    Anyone knows what is the benefits to bubble it after blend and why you can't do this for a longer time ?

    Thanks in advance.
    Peace and love !
  2. After they blend? i dont know of any reason to bubble after blending. do you have a link to such a video?
  3. Wtf is bubbling

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  4. Bubble/aerate...
  5. thanks waktoo hahaha, sorry for the bad english.
  6. Yes, some people are aerating their SST after blend , untill now I havent found what is the reason to do this . The only answer I got is to dont do this as after blend the enzymes will degrade.

    On this website, he suggest to do this in some situations : Modern Methods | TheModern Farm - One of the best websites I have ever seen.

    Week 4 Tea –
    3/4 Strength DEM Fat Flowers powder
    1/3 cup Insect Frass
    1/4 Cup Molasses
    At the end of this brew time, add sprouted barley/corn to this tea and brew 2 more hours, then add 2 tbs Aloe Vera Inner Fillet Powder
    All brewed with 5 gallon water

    • Brewed Ingredients (Long – brew 24 hours):
    • 1/3 Cup of Organic Kelp Meal (BuildASoil)
    • Brewed Ingredients (Short – only add 2 hours before spraying tea (add 22 hours in):
    • Alfalfa SST (1/2 strength)

    Youtube :

    Starting on 42:40 . Really nice video from mendo dope

    Starting on 4:20
  7. the recipe is for a compost tea basically (he uses frass instead of compost/castings. i dont do microbial teas so i cant comment on why he would add the sprouted grain to that.

    as for the video, there he is making tea from malted barely. malted barely has been sprouted and dried (as apposed to sprouting fresh). its sold dry in beer brewing shops. basically the idea is to save time and use malted grain instead of sprouting yourself. the old method was to let it steep in water for up to 4 hours (he said up to 24hours in the video which can actually be too long and allow the malted grain to turn into acid, which will kill plants on contact.

    personally i think hes just complicating things unnecessarily. most of us who use malted barely (myself included) have switched from steeping it in water to just grinding it and top dressing the soil followed by a water drench.
  8. Now I understand why if it bubble for too long can kill the plant as become acid and the reason for they bubble on those videos.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge,
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