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Discussion in 'General' started by JaneInMyBrain, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. South park mexican......

    ne one else listen to SPM or Three six?? They are like the best to listen to when high. Lil Wyte is pretty cool too not many people listen to him. What all do you guys like to listen to when you are trippin?? Oh yah and techno is great too. I love techno songs about love. Like in a dream my love by Rockwell that song is so great.
  2. My room mate occasionally listens to SPM (wiggy wiggy hehe :)) b/c he dated a mexican girl for a while and my suite mate always listens to three six while drunk, which is all the time.
  3. yah wiggy wiggy is the shit :) lol. They both got good songs to listen to while stoned. I dunno some other songs i like are like pass me da green, pussy poppin, some tupac, and actually eminems new cd is pretty tight to listen to high too. I dunno theres lots but i would definately have to say SPM Three six and eminem are like my faves right now.
  4. SPM is the shit, and Riddler on the roof is one of my favorite songs i also like streets on beets. I also like Twista, but the old shit, like legit ballers etc.
    I am suprised others have heard of SPM.

    But talking about rap that is underground, Anyone like/heard "Zion I" they are really awseome group i saw them up by san fransico and they are amazing.
  5. i know not many people know of SPM thats why i wanted to see who all knew it on here. I dunno i think i would kinda pissed if SPM got real big. Cuz i mean its kinda like stoner music and then if a bunch of fake people started listenin to it i would get real pissed. Like fuck off SPM is OURS!!! LOL
  6. naw, i aint listen to that Valto Locos shit....even though i did grow up wit

    but i listen to Bone Thugz.....
  7. is this a rap group or somthin? ive never heard of them.

    i listen to sublime, bob marley, pink floyd, and random reggae and techo groups.

    i have honestly never listened to rap when im stoned but i have a feeling id like it alot...... i just never thought about it

  8. well, if ya high, and u listen to rap, u really get into it because of the different sounds in the beats.....

    but, i like Marley, and sublime......but i hate techno.......
  9. I love all those. And I don't really listen to rap much when stoned. I listen to everything you named above while stoned. I do listen to some while drinking, mostly b/c some of my friends are more into rap than I am, but I like a little. Some of it is just fucking funny listening to them being dead serious about shit.
  10. Yah i like rap music with real good beats to it. When im stoned i like Ludacris, D12's old CD, three six and spm like i said, project pat, eminem, tupac, im just gettin kinda sick of all the songs like "oh im so cool i got an escalade and all kinds of chics and 'bling bling'" i like songs with more meaning to them not depressing tho.

    Mostly i just like songs with kickass beats and ones that are funny too and about weed and other drugs.
  11. Actually you know that song "i dont wanna know" i dont normally like slow songs but that has got a pretty good beat. Its good to listen to high. And i like his voice too.

  12. Zion I is tight.
  13. I'm not a fan of rap, but I heard some d12 the other day, haha man they sing some pretty funny shit.

  14. What kinda music is it??

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