ssssh dont everybody talk at once

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. 32 peoples and nuthin'*edit this must be some kinda record......
    *edit we can all see you :D
    cheers heres to you guys and i hope your its at least smokin thats keepin ya'll so quiet...gheeshe
  2. Ya beat me to it!! I was going to make the same type of thread. Is this some kind of new record? Lol. :D
  3. an im juuuust the type of person who's wonder ing what everybodys doin...

    obcessively :D
  4. I was smoking some nuggets and watching cartoons.

    And eating jello
  5. see it aint so hard people :D

    i was finishin off a fat j,and washing it down with some homemade hahlua my auntie sent me ........mmmmm

  6. Naw, we're just talking about why we weren't really posting at the city despite our presence here.

    dookie dookie dookie fiddy cents
  7. i just got on, i was rolling up a bunch of jays
  8. I saw this post when I arrived at the city.. I had PMs to deal with and then some moderating to do before I got back to this...

    I hope ya'll is having a good day!
  9. im here! ill be checking in at different times throughout the whole night.. so ill find out whos a night owl like myself.

  10. damn you all and your pms!! what are people always pm'ing about?? i never send pms!! i havent got one in months!

    what is out there privately being messaged that im missing out on!?

  11. you mean YOU didnt get a secretary to handle all that....boy musta kissed the wrong butt :D

  12. lol ya i know! i think i got one from RMJL about something i posted about, but that was like... when i registered. somethins goin on man

  13. i dunno... would i?

  14. I luvs ya critter. :D
  15. well as for miself I woz in ma favorate bathtub, smokin' as usual..

  16. My sucketary had other thing on her agenda to take care of... I didn't mind doing my part! lol
  17. I'n just drinking and stuff tonight. I tried to go out and pcik up some chicks, but sadly I failed. Now, I'm listening to Trip Like I Do by Crystal Method and Filter. It's a pretty good song and is getting me happy again.
  18. I want a secretary to handle my PM's!!! :(

  19. You can borrow my sucketary for short periods of time.. She is very busy at times..

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