SSRI's, Benzos, etc. What I should Get From The Doc?

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  1. Today, my parents made me go see this drug counselor/psychiatrist dude. They busted me one too many times and are just sick of me not listening to them. I smoke for fun, to relieve stress, to chill out, and to help with my depression and anxiety. I also smoke to help fall asleep. The problem is, I am faced with not smoking for a few months, or getting kicked out of the house. I have moderately bad anxiety that makes me worry about little stuff like school and meeting new people and driving and I keep having these persistent, repetitive thoughts about what happens after death and how the world was created. I also just feel sad and shitty at random times. The doctor said he would refer me to a phsycologist so that I could be prescribed medication, and he mentioned putting me on SSRI's or some kind of benzos. My friend was on an SSRI and he was tellin me that they acually prevent you from getting high. Has anyone had experience with a situation like this? If so what did the doctor give you and did it work? I am really hesitant to stop smoking because I doubt that pharmaceuticals can help me in the way that mary jane does. If I do get some pharms next week, I sure hope I get the good stuff (yes, I know benzos are addictive as hell) and that it actually works.
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    lol dude are you kidding me how do you even have to ask,BENZOS are the way to go.

    SSRI's do not get you high,and they fuck with your head,it causes a huge imbalance in the mind.

    also everyone's body works differently,SSRIs have very bad reactions with lots of drugs.

    i hate how doctors want to prescribe antidepressants to everyone.i would never put that shit in my body.

    also you can mix benzos with madd drugs,at least i do with no problem
  3. Wrong.

    Wrong. well, in my opinion.

    I've never mixed benzo's with weed, or anything in that matter, i don't mix things. But I've never had a problem with getting high, even after a late night of pill popping.
  4. SSRI's will stop most drugs from getting you high which includes MJ most hallucinogens/deleriants and just about anything else but not everything else. just don't get SSRI's if you can avoid it because they really suck.
  5. No actually they are physically addictive. You can't dispute that. The SSRI's could be really good for you, or they could fuck with your head, there's no real way to know. I know people who've really benefitted from them. Benzos could be useful, but if you're just going to abuse them, it might be better not to start with them at all. Its your call (or maybe your dr.'s).
  6. Yeah I've known people who've benefited from SSRIs and others who haven't. Different SSRIs work differently too, people said they could still get high from weed on some and not on others.

    Benzos just mask your problems by tranquilizing you so you don't care about anything. I doubt they'd give the OP benzos unless he were having panic attacks and stuff.
    SSRIs are supposed to correct the imbalance that's causing the problems in the first place, not cause an imbalance on their own.

  7. lol na dude,all antidepressants are horrible for the mind.

    also over time of long term use,it causes many psychological problems.
  8. Just like marijuana or anything else? Could I see your PhD, doctor?
  9. Im so fucking sick of this pharm bullshit. I wish my parents would just let me toke. the hypocrisy of the situation is that the drugs they want me on are going to be more harmful and much less effective than marijuana. Oh ya and when i said "little stuff like school" I wasnt trying to say that school isnt important, but here's something that happens to me often. Say I get some homework assigned thats due in a week. Until I do that homework, I am gonna be stressin about it and wont be able to stop worryin about it and get it off my mind until the last minute. Even after I do it, Ill be stressed over what else I have to do and if I did it correctly and all of this pointless bullshit. idk why it happens but it does. thanks for the responses.
  10. I know people who've turned their lives around due to SSRI's. I don't think you know quite what you're talking about; they work for some, they don't work for others.
  11. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow with a long list of legitimate anxiety symptoms i've had over the years, teeth grinding/restless leg/IBS/social anxiety/etc. If they prescribe me an SSRI, i'm going to try it, likewise with a benzo. Xanax doesn't do much for me, even with no tolerance .5-1mg of xanax doesn't do jack shit, but we'll see.
  12. I say go for Valium or Klonopins. You can't remember shit on Xanax.
  13. Different people react differently man, personally Xanax doesn't fuck me up at all really, I took over 16mg's on new years eve, and I could walk a straight line, talk fine, etc. And the next morning, I remembered almost all of the night, only a few parts were missing in my memory. On the contrary, valium FUCKS me up, if I take 30-40mg of valium it messes me up so much more than 16mg of Xanax, the class of benzos that Xanax/Klonopin fall under just don't effect me very much for some reason.
  14. That's a shitload of xanax man...
  15. Yeah I know, but at that point my Xanax tolerance was pretty damn high from popping multiple bars daily for 2-3 weeks prior to that. Xanax doesn't effect me like it does most people, I know a bunch of people that can take 1-2 bars(2-4mg) and get FUCKED up, but even with no tolerance, if I take 10mg, I don't really get FUCKED up. I guess I just have a high natural tolerance to Xanax.
  16. A lot of you haven't got a bloody clue what you're rambling on about in here.

    To the OP, get your shit together, man. If you've got anxiety/depression problems - ADDRESS them. These types of things can get worse and worse before you realize it. Talk to your doctor and find out what's best for you. Forget about getting a quick high for awhile.

    SSRIs/SNRIs should not have any noticeable interference with the effects of THC. I've been on plenty of them to treat my fibromyalgia and cannabis has always been there to improve where they have left off.
  17. i would try to stray from revealing the depression, unless its bad and you think you need help cause your mood is never happy unless youre high, but ssri's are serious business and can actually do more bad than good if theyre the wrong medication.

    id bring up and make the focus your anxiety though, and say thats mainly why you smoke, and then get ahold of a script for clonazepan/klonopins or xanax so you can have a script for something with recreational value.

    but of course, dont just go walking in and saying "hey i want a script for xanax!" just tell him what triggers your anxiety and touch base on it that you need something for it. i got my script for clonazepan cause my dad has anxiety issues and was prescribed the same thing, so thats how i got to specifically get the medication i wanted, otherwise your just gonna have to deal with the doctors recommendation even if its not a med you want. dont make your drug seeking behavior blatant.
  18. I also cant seem to get the way most people get off on xanax. im currently on well over 10 mg's and honestly feel pretty much completely sober. Except for the blunts i just smoke i can barely feel the xanax.
  19. damm you must have a high fucking tolerance to not be feeling 10mgs
  20. I went to a psych over the summer for my anxiety, and got prescribed prozac. they kept upping my dose, and it really never worked except at the beginning. then they decided i "may" be bi-polar, so they gave me lamictal, which also did nothing. Then, since my anxiety was still awful, they gave me a klonopin script (which i love). needless to say, im weening off the prozac and lamictal now, and its like going through hell. Im always edgy, always anxious (even if i take a klonopin) and i get headaches and stomach aches often. I had no problems when i was on em, but getting off of them sucks - i cant wait to be clean again.

    oh, and you can't trip on lsd or mdma if you take any ssri (prozac, paxil, etc)
    I suggest you dont take any meds, unless you want a benzo, in which case, get that but be careful, theyre very addictive, beleive me

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