SSRI interaction with LSD

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  1. I've asked this before but never really got a clear answer, or an experience report from someone who is on ssri's and did acid...

    as some of you may know, im currently weening off prozac. I have been down to 20 from 30 for about 11 days, and will probably switch to 10 soon. How much does prozac interact with acid, since ive heard people who said they had full blown trips, and ive heard people who said they didnt trip at all. I've been on prozac since summer.

    I really want to trip this weekend, but i wont be off my meds for another few weeks... and having the acid just chillin in my room is killin me, i really wanna take it asap, but dont want to waste it either.

    so, what im asking is, has an ssri user had any experience with lsd?
  2. ive heard from many people that SSRI inhibitors really fuck with an acid trip.
  3. always check it first. pretty much have their whole library memorizes - but theres very few trip reports and i wanted to hear from someone who actually tried lsd on ssri's and was able to tell me how it affects the trip
  4. I've done it, Lexapro and family fluff. You definitely have to increase your dose of LSD to get the desired effects if you're on an SSRI. But when I took 4 really good tabs I had a great trip, even with the ssri in my system. I usually try to cut off ssri usage 2-3 days before my trip though.
  5. yea, im weening off now, currently on 20mg a day, and switchin to 10 soon. I have a tentative date planned for saturday feb 21st - so whether or not im completely done with the ssri's, im almost deffintiely dropping that day. I have 4 tabs, but its really 3 (thats what i paid for anyways) but the guy cut one a little small, so through in a half tab, so i got 4 tabs, and im splitting them with another person. hope all goes well.

    supposedly its really good acid, but who doesn't say that? Its not even on like, picture blotters like i expected, its just on a tiny ass white square that the dude cut wit toenail clippers - i really hope its not bunk
  6. If I were you I'd stop the 18th or 19th and then continue weening yourself off afterwards, as you have a relatively small dose of acid. With ssri in your system 3 tabs is a better bet unless you know for a fact they're high-quality doses.

    Then again, you're on a fairly small dose of Prozac already so it may have less of a negative impact.

  7. yea ive ran through the same analysis lol. I have no idea that they are high quality doses other than word of mouth/trust. ill at least be on 10mg of prozac by that week, so i might just stop them on the 19th like you suggested, then go back on 10mg if i feel it neccessary. ive been trying to find another few hits of acid incase i dont trip, but eh, ill let fate play it out from here
  8. Yeah man, I'm in the same situation, been waiting on sheets for what seems like forever! I need ta get someone to send me some.
  9. Eh don't let that dishearten you. I don't know about how things are on the East coast but 90% of the acid I've ever gotten has been just plain white tabs (the other 10% liquid.) I still have yet to ever come across a tab with blotter art out here and suffice to say, a few hundred tabs have passed through these hands (and mouth.)

    Sorry for the somewhat off-topic post but update us on how it goes. I'm curious about this as well since my current girlfriend's on an SSRI and looking to trip for the first time soon.
  10. Read this bro

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