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Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by lasttycoon, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. I am just getting into high end and custom blown glass and I have taken a liking to Soul Shine Family Glass.
    They have pricey worked pieces but quality cheaper ones too. The ashcatchers they make are really affordable.
    Does anyone know any other small blowers like ssfg that has good prices on good american made glass?
  2. Glassmandoll
  3. Looked them up just now, I could not find a good place to buy them or browse.
    Esty doesnt sell water pipes so Im not really sure where I can buy one.
  4. I e-mailed GMD/GWO about custom work the other day. He's not even starting blowing again until July he said, and even then he's backed up.
  5. The SSFG ashcatchers are pretty cool, Thinking about getting one for my zong.
    That or add a small travel beaker to my collection
  6. if you wanna tryy to get in touch with glassmansdoll, search that name on facebook.
    they make great mini stemless tubes/bubs
  7. Still having trouble getting in touch with him. Cant seem to find a facebook page.
    How are his mini stemless tubes priced?
  8. make sure youre spelling glassmansdoll correctly. when you search it on facebook, the first result should be titled 'A Glasswork Orange and GlassmansDoll Custom Glass Novelties' you can try just searching that too
    priced reasonable. id say 130 tops for any style mini clear, but you can get something nice for 110 easy. they also sell 'seconds' pieces which are 100% still fully functioning pieces, just minor aesthetic imperfections which makes them cheaper.
  9. Thanks a lot. For some reason glassmansdoll did not have any results, but glasswork orange worked fine.
    These smaller custom blowers seem like a great deal compared to all the cash needed for lots of the "heady" shit out there.
  10. they are no doubt great pieces, especially for those on a smaller budget.
    theres diffusion vids on youtube
  11. great glass GMD/ OGW. sucks about waiting times but its worth it for the price and how great they function. but try sending a e-mail may take a few days for response
  12. I'm not sure if this is against the rules as it came from an e-mail directly from GMD (posting PM's is against the rules), and I just got it today. But if it's not okay just report this post so a mod can delete it.

    "hello and thanks for checking us out. we really appreciate the kind words. firstly we would like to let you know our start date on new orders is july."

    That was only the beginning of the e-mail the rest of it I'll keep for myself.

    I'm unsure of whether or not I want to wait that long. I love his lowered showerline and I inquired about adding an extra perc, a taller size, ice pinches, and a splash guard. He said it's all possible just need a sketch and I'd have to wait a long time. But his standard lowered showerline is like $130. For that price I don't think it's easy to beat.

    They're 10", 4.4mm thick glass up top and 5mm for the bottom. The 2nd's are even cheaper and they only problems will be blemishes in the glass itself not any functionality problems.

    If you're willing to wait I'd say GMD is a great place to order a custom tube. SSFG I haven't looked into as much, but it's because I really like how GMD's work. I really like his showerlines, his ice cubes might have slightly better diffusion but I think the perc itself is ugly. His ice cube showerline doesn't seem to be any improvement on the diffusion. Also the cuts made on the showerline are deep, which should allow it to cut back on drag a bit without sacrificing diffusion.
  13. Yeah, I sent them an email.
    I really wish they had a nice site like SSFG does. Think I might just pick up one of their budget tubes instead as my current bong just broke.... (but I am getting it repaired by Wicked Sands! Yay!)
  14. I've always wanted a pink illadelph; they're not very 'custom' per say. I haven't seen much new work from them either.
  15. Illadelphs are really nice but a bit out of my price range. I already have a nice big bong but want to start collecting a little.
    If I had the cash, Id probably buy a nice beaker illadelph with a upstem ac, but its not really practical when I can buy 3 pieces for the price of it.
  16. The FB page is just as good as a website at displaying their art. It's just that they don't have a section to add to your cart, because GMD does most of their work custom. I think the only real problem would be not having a FB account.

    GMD was really quick to respond to my e-mail I sent it yesterday and checked for the reply on my phone a few hours ago and it was there.
  17. For sure. Ill update the thread when I hear a reply from them.
  18. Don't expect a quote in the e-mail. But if you asked for certain things to be possibly made, it sure sounds like he'll make whatever you want. You'll just have to wait.

    Since I sold my bong and am getting the cash this friday, I'm not sure if I wanna wait. That means I'll be smoking out of my spoon or MFLB exclusively (unless i'm in a group and we roll something) until way past July, when he's actually open for orders.

    I don't know if you're looking at a pre-blown tube from SSFG, but I bet their wait list is long as well.

    I really like DWB, but his waitlist is longer than GMD/GWO.
  19. SSFG's website said that made to order pipes will be shipped in 2-4 weeks.
    Im interested in the SSFG travel beaker and the straight shot on their website.
    Idk, I dont really want to wait either.
    What kind of tube are planning on picking up?
    What price range?
  20. I'm setting my budget at $300. I'm mostly looking at Everest glass at my LHS, or the HVY 9mm on ALT.

    However, for the GMD custom I asked about making it 12-14" showerline, with an extra perc of some kind. He said a splash guard that isn't a "cactus" was also possible. Then I also inquired about the colored lip that they blow and if I could get a couple colors on that lip.

    He pretty much said he can do all that I wanted, but the orders are backed up till July. I figure since his showerline is so competitively priced I figure all that stuff should still be within the $300 budget.

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