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    Why is SSFG so highly rated? they look so simple like the gridded stemline hybrid.

    whats the difference between that and like

    GlassCity - The Bubblicious Bong - 7mm -

    thank you!


    should i get

    SSFG's "great size beaker" is $100, upgrade the downstem to a showerhead, and upgrade the bowl to a disc diffused slide.

    or the gridded stemline?
  2. Simplicity isnt always a bad thing
  3. SSfg alll day, they are great people with reasonable prices!!

  4. is it the people or the product? what makes their produce better than the example i posted?
  5. They produce high quality glass with low prices, its american, family owned, when you email the website you get an actual person not a auto response or an indian. they also ship faster. Go Ssfg, its low cost with high quality!

    And grasscity isnt a notable glass company..

  6. so the glass is better than the link that i posted is sorta what you are saying? It just looks so simple how could it be better than like

    Over 21" buy awsome bongs online - Buy Cheap Bongs Online Headshop - Product Info - 23" 3 x 6 Fingers Percolator Glass water BONG - CL / CL (NG)
  7. Thy use cheap chinese glass, to mass produce pieces. The quality is low and that is why the price is low. You will see this online and in the shops esp with high end names like RooR which is made from high grade glass which is why they are more expensive

    That being said Ssfg has low prices with high quality work! Haha

  8. makes sense. thank you should i just get the gridded stemline hybrid?
  9. Yes! ThAt a very nice piece and I have heard nothin but good things about it, i was gonna get it but decided to buy from my local head shop because I didnt wanna wait for it to be shipped!
  10. okay should i get that or the travel beaker or tube straight. I have no idea what would be best or what the differences between them are
  11. Travel beakers are good for people who have to hide their pieces usually or you know mobility

    Straight tubes are good but are simple and i found to be boring after a while but thats just me, i never touch my mgw beaker after getting my HBG Inline.

    Id go with the Stemline tho if i were you!

  12. the stemline is the best thing i could buy basically? without spending over 200
  13. For an inline yes! Under 200 bucks shipped in less than what i paid for, my HBG Inline which is a diff style and a lot bigger but i paid 230 for it which is what I linked!

    You wont be disappointed with ssfg or an inline!

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  14. looks nice!! looks like ill get the inline just not completely sold on it. but thanks for your help!
  15. SSFG has an inline as well.
  16. Don't rush it, visit some local head shops before you make a decision! Good luck bro!
  17. Stemline is an inline
  18. SSFG's "great size beaker" is $100, upgrade the downstem to a showerhead, and upgrade the bowl to a disc diffused slide.

    or the gridded stemline?
  19. Apix Design has some nice tubes as well.
  20. I agree man, don't rush it, look around, see whats available locally as well

    The SSFG $100 beaker with showerhead is like $120, stemline is $135, I would get a disc diffused slide for either if possible, plus add $20 shipping

    Or you can get something locally as well like I did, I paid $100-110 for a 12" Left Coast straight tube with dffused downstem (not showerhead), but its Chicago so I slightly overpaid

    I'd go SSFG over GC not only on quality, but I wouldn't be able to wait a fucking month for my order

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