SSFG travel tube with showerhead downstem (plus VAPOR BONGING!) WITH PICTURES

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    Hello, fellow blades and bladies.

    I just recieved my Travel Tube from SSFG(SoulShineFamilyGlass) and so far im loving it.

    Its just under 8" tall with a showerhead diffused downstem(great diffusion!) which I requested instead of the stock downstem, as well as a mini ice pinch slide(ONLY shown in the last video in this post).


    Travel tube


    And heres the showerhead downstem(upon request, the tube did not come stock with this)



    Finally, some vapor "milk"(if you want to call it that). For those of you who dont know what vapor bonging is, its when you hook up a vaporizer to a clean bong. The water helps to moisturize the dry vapor and also catches fine particles. CLICK TO WATCH!

    Vapor bong setup(with Da Buddha[DBV] vaporizer)

    FINALLY SOME REAL MILK! Click to watch! Note: In this video, there is a carbon filter attached, but not the one from SSFG, which I will receive shortly.

    More milk(no carbon filter in this one)

    Thats all for now, feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  2. Sweet pick up, and nice vapor rip. :)
  3. Thanks blackbur and that was the best I could do while I'm sick.

    I won't be able to get any real whole milk till sometime next(this) week.

    Show some love, GC!!
  4. what type of vape are you using. Only one i have is a volcano vaporizer, and b/c its a bag vape, cant do the whole vape/bong thing, unless you mcgyver it and hold it down onto the stem itself. (someone should make an attachment that allows bag users to do bong vaping. (make a whip from the bag and have it attach.)
  5. Sweet setup man, I've never tried a water filtered vape hit, I know it's supposed to cool it down but how's it compare to regularly hitting the vape?
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    Haha chill fondler, I'm just as excited to see some milk as you are.

    To grizzly: I'm using a Da Buddha(DBV) vaporizer. It's a whip type vaporizer.
    As you can see in the video, I have a GonG adapter for the whip.
    So where the mouthpiece could go, there's now an adapter that fits right into the downstem the same as a regular bowl would. I love it :love:

    To Blacknmild: thanks. I explained in the original post^ what the water does for the vapor.

    The heat makes the vapor very dry, which can sometimes irritate the airways. The water helps to moisturize/humidify the vapor. The water also catches fine particles. After a few vape loads, I can visibly see fine particulate plant matter in the water that would otherwise go into your lungs.
    Hope that clears things up for you!

  7. Hits have a larger volume, more moisture(doesn't irritate your throat as much) and vapor is thicker/smoother from what I've observed when i vapor bong.its really satisfying. You go through bowls really fast though.
  8. sick mini!!!:D and milk lovin the combo..
  9. Thanks Haer!!
    I feel like setting up the vape bong now.
  10. cute pick up :p how much? and how much was ur vape tool too? i really like the vape.
  11. Thank you :)

    The tube with downstem and slide was $50(without shipping).

    What do you mean by "vape tool"?
    Do you mean the vaporizer unit itself or the GonG adapter that connects it to the tube?
  12. the tool. was introduced to it a couple weeks ago n just think those r so interesting.
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    Sorry, I have no idea what your talking about. I have so many tools.

    If your interested in vaporizing, you must check out and don't buy anything without doing lots of research
  14. Ah thanks for clearing that up for me. I've been looking for a good whip type vape for a while now but idk if I should just get da buddha or the go all the way and get the silver surfer. Besides re customizations are there many differences between the two?

    Thanks for the info :hello:
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    Oh no problemo bro! I'm glad to see your really doing your research. The DBV and the SSV(Silver Surfer) are THE best whip type vaporizers on the market. You will be happy with either one. If the price difference between the two doesn't matter to you, then I say go all out and get the SSV.

    If you have a GonG bong I also suggest getting the adapter on the same site(both DBVs and SSVs sites have them)
  16. Hey thanks man. Yeah, I really love my mflb but I feel like it's not big enough for my needs. For traveling it's perfect but I'd really like something nice for at home. Btw fuckcombustion rocks! That's where I first heard of the mflb.

    Sorry maybe this will sound dumb but what's the main differences between the ssv and the da buddha? I know they're made by the same company but why is the ssv more expensive?
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    The main differences:
    SSV costs more.
    SSV has a much better whip angle.
    SSV is more customizable.

    The DBV and SSV are the BEST whip type vaporizers.

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