SSFG showerhead ash catcher

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  1. Could someone with one please tell me the weight in grams with no water?? Ordered one when my wife broke my inline so I just wanna be sure it's not too much heavier than the inline. I asked ssfg and am still awaiting a response from them. I'd like an answer before it's shipped lol, thx blades.
  2. SSFG responded with no weight available, so pleeease help!!
  3. I'm pretty sure that it isn't as heavy as the inline. you should be good.
  4. SSFG said it's heavier than the inline but couldn't give me a weight difference or the total weight even...
  5. Why do you have to know the weight? ANY bong should hold up to at least the weight of an ash catcher.
  6. my 13 inch doesnt, ive been using an ssfg inline for about a month but it isnt a problem, i like taking off the inline after i hit, if i tip it over with the inline its gonna break at the joint.

    so ppl shouldnt worry that a piece tips their bong.
  7. I take it off after hits too, but it is nice to have it stand on its own especially if someone other than you uses it. My tube held the inline fine but was close to it's tipping point. I use a roor carbon filter under my bowl so that adds weight as well. I just want to know how much it weighs, my inline a/c weighs 208.5 grams in it's broken state lol
  8. Get the SSFG sherlock attachment and retire the bong :)
  9. I just found a US Tubes 9mm so weight won't matter anymore lol
  10. you sir, are legally insane.
  11. Can I get a medical card for that i wonder....

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