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  1. so i'm buying an upgrade to my current bong (ehle 500 ml), and I'm really interested in getting a custom showerhead diffuser / disk diffused slide with a sweet color combination to really give me the self satisfaction of having a nice bong. I hit up both SSFG and GMD on Etsy to see what they could do and GMD said it would be 73$ for the setup, but they're not doing custom orders till December. SSFG said that the setup would be 185$, 85$ for the inline too cause I wanna buy that. That's a lot so I also asked about getting it all clear, and Ray said I can get it for 135$. I like them both, so I guess it all comes down to how good the showerheads are. What are your guys opinions on GMD's showerheads compared to SSFG's?

    edit: lmao i was writing this and i hit my bub halfway through it and right when i got baked i started using proper grammar.
  2. Are you buying the $85 inline regardless? Seems like you're only buying if you go with SSFG, which doesn't make sense to me. I think you shouldn't worry about price and get what you want because you'll regret it later on thinking 'I should have spent that extra $30' or whatever the case may be.

    The GMD slide/diiffy is $28 cheaper, but a longer wait (plus shipping cost?).

    It would make sense to me to go with the SSFG set up.

    Also, I would get the all clear SSFG pieces before the worked GMD simply because it's function over looks to me.

    With that said I would get the worked SSFG over the non worked SSFG because the color is worth the money in my opinion.

    I haven't tried the showerheads, and since both are small companies, you may find little to none who have tried both versions.
  3. This is nothing against GMD, I'm in line for custom work from them. I'm part of the reason the list is up to December. Some more people on the list may flake out as it's already happened, making the wait slightly less each time.

    So if you do want the GMD work, I would recommend the company itself. They're great people.
  4. Ive dealt with both companies and I prefer GMD.
    GMD's customer service is better and their shower heads are perfectly flame polished while ssfg shower heads are sloppy looking.

    But since the wait for custom work is so long you may just want to get it all together from ssfg.
  5. SSFG..i wanna cop one of their inlines ashcatchers.:D
  6. I agree with blood junkie ssfg shower heads look sloppy

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