ssfg mini ashcstxher questionnn

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by BuRnTrEeS247, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Okay Idk the difference between 45 and 90 degrees is there a difference? I want the better one lol
  2. Lol really? It's the angle at which the ashcatcher sits off the joint....
  3. Bro I now that I'm talking about like what's the reason for it??
  4. seen a stemless? the joint is at a 90 so you'd need a 90 ac for it.normal joints are at 45. simple.

  5. They're angles.
    You wanna know the reason for breathing too?
  6. It depends on the angle of the downstem going into your piece. Bubblers and stemless pieces tend to have 90 deg and others are usually 45 deg. Just match the angle of the ashcatcher and your piece so that the ashcatcher will sit on the bong vertically.

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