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  1. Is a drug in development meant to help people lose weight, increase metabolism, promote healthier cardiovascular systems and all around health. It is a synthetic chemical similar to resveratrol, a chemical found in many plants (including grapes). This chemical is what is supposed to give red wine the health benefits.

    Apparently a low calorie diet and this drug could help us live a lot longer.

    What do you guys think?

    Next-Generation Longevity Drug Works Mouse Wonders | Wired Science |

    I think this needs to be studied more because it seriously just sounds like a wonder drug.
  2. Sounds interesting so I googled about it, and yeah it's postulated that it may have these effects but I've found evidence that it may not be so wonderful:

    The abstract from a journal published 2 months ago:

    Sounds as though maybe a few people were getting a bit overly excited? Still sounds like promising research though, but probably more so for diabetes patients than a cure all wonder-drug.
  3. I would consider even a cure for diabetes a wonder drug! Diabetes is terrible.

    I found out about this drug in the PPX of an old Popular Science magazine I had, so I knew it was a little older news. Even if they now know that these kinds of drugs are possible is pretty cool.
  4. It would be a top seller for sure. It's hard to know what the story is with it really, they were going into the longest phase of testing 2 years ago, sometimes it can take 6 years.. so we might start hearing about it again in another 2-4 years if they have a hit.

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