Sr year highschool dodgeball team name ideas

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  1. Me and my 5 other team persons are having a hard time coming up with a name for our team for my highschools dodgeball team. It doesn't necessarily have to be marijuana-related.. it can be anything serious or funny. Ofcourse.. it has to be be 'appropriate', unfortunately.


  2. "We should be getting drunk and stoned and hitting on chicks instead of playing dodgeball squad"

    your slogan could be...
    "we get so deep, we'll put that ass to sleep!"

    that was my intramural dodgball teams name my frosh yr. of college, pretty funny
  4. :rolleyes:
  5. the portland treeblazers
  6. Globo Gym Purple Cobras :rolleyes:

    "HA-HA-HSSSSSSSSS" :devious:
  7. The Lincoln Assassins
  8. I liked Team Blitzkrieg better, lol.
  9. well fuck
    average joes.
  10. I would either use The DutchMasters or The Smot Pokers
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    I like "Blue Balls"

    but for my own contribution,


    haha I suggested that be our team name for 2nd/3rd grade combined class and it won!
    (not dodgeball team, full time combined class name)

    Back then I was thinking chicken nuggets..its kind of ironic though, never thought about it till this thread lol
  12. "The Shockers" was my highschool DB teams name.

    Had the hand symbol in pink on blue shirts.
  13. First thing that came to mind was "DODGE THIS". May not be creative but that's what came to my mind.
  14. How about The Dodge Rams
  15. "veni" for I came.
  16. How about "Aim Low" :p

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