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  1. Hey guys, there is a squirrel in the building's garden that is trying to break into my house. He tried yesterday, and I started hitting the window with my fist, making him run away. And earlier he tried it again.
    Are they dangerous animals in confined spaces (like an house)?
    Is there anything I can place outside to scare him and not make him returning?
    I'm not so scared, but my wife is and she's freaking the hell out.:mellow:
    Here is the boy
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  2. Let him in see what happens ;)
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  3. My homie in sierra madre found one injured and kept it it just plays in his bookcase all day
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  4. No thanks, I prefer he stays outside. :biggrin::ey:
  5. I'd got DAT nigga so high!
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  6. Human piss scares some animals
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  7. Very true buddy, but luckily I'm not that kind of human.:hola:
  8. Well least he is photogenic .LOL
    You could have some fun photographing the little guy, your wife might enjoy that and ease up on the freak out thing .
  9. We had a colony of 6 flying squirrels living in our attic when we bought our house. I bought a live trap and relocated them all about 15km away and haven't seen them since. It took a few days to catch them all but it was worth it. Trapping and relocating is the way to go if you are against shooting it.

    Get a cat. If the squirrel gets inside it won't stay there for long. We have 3 and any rodents that get in the house (besides the squirrels in the attic) don't live for very long.
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  10. You wouldnt want a wild adult squirrel in your house, no.

    It will freak and and tear up your house.

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  11. I would never shoot an animal, don't even know what shooting is. We had a cat but she went with flatmates when they moved out. Not so keen to getting another one.

    lol man, that was funny :D
  12. I have no useful response. But I give you this! Squirrel Jam
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  13. Squirrels can carry disease too.

    I would build a squirrel catapult, many YouTube videos showing how to make them.
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  14. While that does sound cool I really don't see the squirrels working together to launch stuff they're pretty selfish with their nuts and do you really wanna give them MORE ways to mess with this poor guys life would hate so see him walk outside only to be pelted with tiny rocks and acorns.
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  15. Nah, it launches the squirrel lol
  16. Squirrels really hate each other huh? That's pretty savage.

    They probably started doing it to get to higher limbs but then realized that launching eachother to death was an even better high. Fucking squirrels, not good pets OR people.
  17. Coyote urine, mountain line urine. Any urine of natural predators. You can sprinkle chili powder if you have An outdoor plant it's destroying. You can get a fake predatory bird that feeds on squirrels in your area. Put it outside and no more squirrels
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  18. Oh yeah, rodent battles are vicious.
  19. I would like to see a fake predatory bird eat a squirrel.

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