squirrels and birds are so hard to shoot/find

Discussion in 'General' started by popsson, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. i just got a bb gun.. but i dont see any squirrels or birds.. and when i do find one i miss. it sucks.. any advice
  2. maybe not ending a helpless squirl life. or a sweet falcon. ive killed things before... i think every boy with an air rifle does. tho, i felt fucking shitty as hell. who wants to end another beings life?

    it gets to me.
  3. yes, don\'t shoot squirrels or birds.

    rather i suggest training your eye to be able to shoot beer cans at a far distance. Then once you get the skill mastered you can bet people a few bucks that you can knock a beer can off their head. If you do it you can make money. Even if you miss and lose money, you still potentially shoot a guy that was stupid enough to have a gun aimed at him in the first place.

    but uh, in regards to aiming, just find out which eye you aim out of. I\'m right handed but aim from my left, just figure out how you aim.

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