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Squares(Cigarettes) and Weed.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Blunt'd, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. HIGH All, Just something that was passing through my mind while I just happened to be sitting here getting high.

    I've been smokin' for about 8 years sinse I was 12, my sister got me into it (hense the Seasoned Tokers). Probably doesnt count but then again im not a seasoned city'er.

    On to the point, everyone I know or atleast just about everyone that i've talked to say they started smokin' cigarettes (everyone one around here calls them squares) before they starting smokin' weed. Which seems odd to me because I had always generally thought cigarettes were way worse than weed. I started smokin' cigarettes 6 years later, not that it matters stupidest thing i've ever done.

    Just wondering how you and your smokers started, Ciggarettes or Weed?

  2. Ciggs. Well actually just smoking cigars occasionally, I never really got into smoking regular ciggs on a regular basis.
  3. ever since i was little i told myself i would never smoke ciggarettes. to this day i still hate the smell taste and addictive ness it gives. theres absolutely pointless and taste like ass.

    i still wonder why people smoke them :/

  4. Because they make you feel pretty good for a little while. Of course, you wouldn't know that because you've already decided never to try one (which is fine), but don't go around telling people they're pointless, because if they actually were, people would never smoke them.
  5. i used to smoke cigarettes (like 2 a day, one before and after school)
    but i just realized it is just a waste of money, and spent it all on weed
  6. I started smokin cigs way after I started smoking weed. I was pretty hooked for a while, but I kicked that habit...I only need 1 plant fucking up my lungs.
  7. i smoke both, if i die earlier than most people i dont mind because i know i had alot more fun :smoking:
  8. i can't stand cigarettes. when i inhale i get this really dirty feeling high in my head. GROSS.
  9. Where the fuck are you from Blunt? Jonesboro? You have to fucking be
  10. I've tried cigs, and I hate em. Sure a spliff is ok once in a while, but tobacco just makes me sick to my stomach in general.

    However, black and milds are the shit
  11. Weed. I don't like and never will smoke a cig.
  12. started smokin weed - and ended up just smoking the rest of the box after all the weed was done...

    plus my mate used to work in a newsagents and steal like 200 fags a week - so we used to get them free...

    i hate cigs aswell but still occasionally find myself lighting one up with a beer or 5....
  13. I only smoke cigs occasionally; every now and then, I start to fiend for some and so I'll buy some of the more exotic kind of cigarettes, like the Citrus Twist Camels, or the Camel Jades, I like the Marlboro 27s some times too, Turkish Gold is good too.

    I started smoking chronic when I first moved up to Alaska which was like almost 6 years ago, but that was only occasionally, I got into the "stoner" crowd in my freshman year, and thats about it.

    *question* has anyone ever started typing something and then just kinda got bored of it and quit?
  14. Hmm, well I smoked my first cigarette before my first bowl, but I don't smoke cigarettes anymore, generally only one or two after tons of weed, and that's only if I'm with a friend that smokes a lot. But hardly any of mine do, anyway. :)
  15. i disagree. i smoke cigs on a regular basis almost a pack a day and i think they are very pointless. oh how i wish i would have NEVER picked one up! and i think the only way they make you feel good is from relieving stress because you were craving them and it relieves the stress that you had when you were craving it. cigs are very pointless and if you have never tryed one DONT EVER PICK ONE UP!!!!!! coming from a smoker here.....:eek:
  16. I started smokin weed then i started to smoke cubans then i started`to smoke esctacy cigs now i smoke weed and camel cigs and the occasional cigar still. YESS i do get bored sometimes and just close out of it all
  17. started w/ cigs one day.. next month i was addicted 3 months later i tried pot and amohter after that i was in love with pot and quit cigs .. been like that since middle school mad weed everyday ;D
  18. Weed first for me. I don't really smoke cigs on a constent basis, maybe once a month I smoke one.

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