square pots anyone?

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  1. I really need to find some square pots...Maybe like 6"x6" or 8"8" or maybe even bigger. Im running tight on room in my bathroom tub :rolleyes: I have 2 5-gallon buckets in there now, but now I have 4 plants instead of 2. anyone know where I can get any? Ive checked home depot and walmart and I dont think Ace Hardware has any. Let me know, thanks
  2. go to a bed bath & beyond or something & get you some cheap square trashcans & drill drain holes in them.
  3. Yea, I looked around home depot and found some trashcans, they were expensive though. Ill look around more though.

    anyone think 6.5" pots are to small for a whole grow? about 6" deep as well.

  4. I found some at HomeDepot. The are about 3 gal pot. Good luck. Maybe you could try grow bags if you cant find any squares.
  5. Some brands of kitty litter come in big rectangular plastic bins, about 4.5 gal.

    With a handle too.
  6. ahh. very true. We have 2 cats! I'll look into it thanks man :)
  7. Even better! For about the price of just buying a planting pot you can get the container and about 40 lbs of kitty litter.

    Drill holes in the bottom and then find something to glue or screw onto the bottom to act as feet, to allow a bit of airspace underneath so drainage out of the holes will run free.

    Then, drill holes all around the upper edge of the kitty litter bin for anchoring LST throughout the grow.
  8. I love grow using grow bags. They will form to fit whatever space you want, are disposable and really really cheap :)
  9. I grew in these for my first grow...found them at one of those dollar store places..
    2 bucks a piece.

    I think they would be ok for vegin...but my plants only got like 3 ft tall in these...

    I was happy with it tho...almost a lb dry for my first time :hello:

    Good luck!

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