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  1. I will be growing with DWC buckets in a 3x3x7 gorilla grow tent. I wanted to start with 3 plants. It isn't THAT big of a tent and was thinking to myself the less plants, the better light penetration but I didnt want to do any less than 2 plants.
    Now people tell me that I should do 4 plants because then it would be a square in the tent and it'd be hard to get the same coverage as if I had 3 plants. What do you all think about this?
    * I will be using uncle bens topping technique on all plants to get 4 main colas per plant. 

  2. Scrog it. Make the most out of 1 or 2

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    Didn't want to scrog though. Already going to do the uncle bens topping technique. Since this is my first hydro grow, I didn't want to do too much on my first try. So if scrog is out of the question, what do you think?
  4. Well scrogging works best with topping. U commented on my thread before. Mine is hanging to dry, ill give you full weight wjen i find out, but its low man. Yield was much less than i expected fpr 2 plants amd a decently long veg. I wish i woulda went scrog myself. All u gotta do is keep it under the screen, its not really advanced. Just tryin to help u get more, im pretty bummed about my results. 4 months work for a guestimate of about 2-3oz...

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    Damn bro im sorry to hear that. Shit 3 oz is better than nothing but I feel you. Are you familiar with uncle bens topping technique? According to him on his thread, you just top once and there is no need for scrog or any kind of screen. He says because once it grows, the 4 main colas will kind of pull apart and so there will be great light penetration.
  6. Yea i did uncle bens. I had 8 tops. That dont give you an even canopy unless you lst n tie em down. I diddnt do that, i let em all grow up on their own. It bushed nice. At harvest, light was at max height n the tallest 2 colas were an inch from aircooled hood so it was at perfect max hight. Lightburned once but rotation solved that. And yea, im happy i got a successful harvest *knock on wood, their still drying* no matter the weight, but if i would have scrogged it, i could have vegged longer to fill up more space and maximize canopy. You can get really good results with lst too, but the results ive seen with scrogs is phenominal. Look up 3x3 scrog grow journals here and see their yields. Compare with topped only.

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    Ok ill take a look tomorrow..hella tired right now. Question though; so you're saying I could get as much or even more yield if I uncle ben topped and scrogged 2 plants than if I just uncle ben topped 4 plants?
  8. yea thats what hes saying. you could easily do just one and get massive yields especially if your doing hydro, its just kinda however long you wanna veg, if you wanna go shorter veg do more plants, however i do see alot of guys do multiple plant scrogs and they are really crowded. with scrog, if you dont utilize proper pruning techniques it can become counter-productive. after all the reason for the netting is to dramaticly increase your yield. keep her nice and spread out and give each branch its own space and she will reward you  
  9. stick with perfect squares obviously... 4, 9, 16 etc... you can do 5 in a dice pattern, but if you are using a point source bulb and not training them then you def want 4 not 3.  using 3 will simply leave a space for the 4th... how could it not dude?  the light footprint will be a square, so if you put a triangle under it you are either going to leave some unlit or leave lighted space where canopy should be.  only reason to leave the 4th one out would be if you couldnt fit a heater/dehumidifier or something in there otherwise,
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    Thanks for the replies gentlemen. I'm just trying to think in my head how it would look like. I definitely want the shortest veg time possible, so I would probably go with 4 plants.  I'm just picturing in my head if I had 4 plants in stand alone DWC buckets and a scrog netting in a 3x3 tent, wouldn't it be difficult to get to the buckets in the back to change out it's water??? I mean getting back there alone would be hard with a big canopy but how would I lift the bucket top to change water if the plant is in the scrog netting? 
    ( mind you guys its been 5 years since I've grown and I did it with soil...my light is a solar storm 800w led )
  11. Dude 3 plants are fine for 3x3 tent.U need to see how long u will veg them.And what strains u will grow.Sativa plants strech a lot in flower.U always can use some LST.
    And other thing...Pro growers also go for more smallerplants shorter grow perriod and this way u get bigger yeld.

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  12. 3x3 scrog would pull some excellent yields man, just make your DWC buckets with a spigot for easy water changes (do half the res at a time to make it easier) the LEDs don't have the best penetration, so you could use that light more effectively by evening out the canopy.

    I scrogged. 2x2 area with one plant DWC and came out with 6oz
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    I mean they wouldn't be THAT little, right? Not looking for tiny tiny plants but not looking for 6 foot plants either....hoping to fit them to be 3- 4 feet
    I'm looking to grow this strain called "shoreline" from devils harvest. Just want to veg them until they get about a 1 -1.5 feet
    Where did you read that LED don't have great penetration? Have you heard about the solar storm? I've seen a lot of growers with this light who will never go back to HPS or MH again.  What kind of light did you have for that 2x2 grow? Any co2 or anything extra?
    I already have my 800w LED light. I am saving up for supplies that will get me an excellent grow. Of course this all depends on atmosphere, nutes etc. But im planning on getting dutchmaster nutes, co2 tank with regulator and controller, uncle bens topping, use of my UVB lights last couple weeks of flowering.....so im planning to make the best out of whatever I do; whether it be scrog or just grow 4 plants being topped once.
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    read it a bunch of places man...few growers that have switched to LED and switched back. i havent personally used them though so dont bother listening to me. i havent heard about the solar storm, ive done some reading though and I think that in a few years LED's will be the way to grow. one of the guys i talked to switched his rather large grow from HPS to LED based solely on the cost of runnin LEDS vs. HPS

    800w is big man, im sure that will work out real good for you no matter what. as long as the rest is dialed in, like you said. it seems like you are really into growing, you should swing by the organics section and read around...

    you can build your own organic soil that will supply your plants with all the necessary sustenance.. its actually a living soil that is feeding your plants, and is just awesome. no need to switch everything this grow, do it up! enjoy it! but do check it out and start reading man...organics can change the way you think...
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    Thanks boss! Once I get all my gear ready and seeds shipped, i'm going to start a journal so stay tuned for that.
    I'm all for organics. I love organic foods and I feel the same way about marijuana. But this grow i'm going to be doing DWC and I hear nothing but bad things doing organic nutes in a DWC. I don't know though; like I said its my first hydro grow so we'll see how it goes. I can tell you if I don't like it i'll go back to soil but if I like this hydro, i'll be hooked on it for sure.

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