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  1. okay, so im going with the sea of green method this up coming grow. i have a growlab 80l so i have about 12 sq ft.

    im using fluorescent lighting for veging. and 400whps for flowering.

    heres the thing...my 400w hps only has a lighting for 9 square feet. so that leaves me with about 3 sq ft to play with. i was thing using that space for my tower fan.

    now HOW MANY pots and what size gallons should i go with. im reading tow many things about how i should go about my set up.
  2. People grow in a huge variety of ways and styles. There is no one number that you should have. A nice generic number though would be 1 per sq foot. So 9 pots, 3 gallons each. Most SOG growers do more than that though.
  3. sweet. thanks for the info.

    i have three indacas right now in 3 gal. pots. there 35-37 " now and havent seemed to grow much taller.

    i kinda want to fit alittle more plants in my area . maybe go with 12-15. we'll see.

    im gonna see how many 2 gal. pots i can fit in the 3x3 foot print
  4. each gal = each month of veg or 3 gal pot = 3 month veg sounds like you got some great mother plants look into cloning
  5. heres a couple.

  6. sog gonna be my next project.
  7. looks good
  8. If you really want to pack them in there, use square pots to maximize available root space. Good luck.
  9. smooth move. i live by a S.D hydroponics store so ill hit em' up and see what they have on hand as far as square pots.

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