Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by t1seditionist, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. im a newbie to growing and smoking
    so bare with me
    (please if you respond just tell me and dont give me sites to go to....i cant stay on this site for long periods of time)
    but anyways
    i have a seed
    from some kinda weed that is suppossed to be real good and keep a high for 8 hours

    so i took it

    put it in a wet paper towel and put that in a bag

    se seed turned dark dark green and it started out as a tan
    and the bag reeks of weed....
    but after almost 2 weeks
    is this seed a dud...
    how long does srpouting take and how can i easily srpout a seed without soil and fans and shit
    cuz this will end up outside
  2. woah....uhhhh....its dead bro, and I think it would be impossible for it to smell like weed...since seeds dont have bud in them...lol...
  3. prob a damp rotting seed type smell from the seed and a damp moldy tissue smell from the damp moldy tissue. that cud b mistaken 4 a damp rotting skunk smell if thats wot u wanted to smell
  4. how long will it take to sprout on a good seed???
  5. i dont think he know what weed smell like... HAHA
  6. Up to about a week
  7. ya i definately know what weed smells like
    i used to eat it in school when i was a freshman
    and i smoke it

    thanks for letting me know how long
  8. first of all you put ur seeds in papertowels and keep them damp, dont drown them when they start to sprout put them in soil about 1" deep and tada you have a plant. I just put my seeds in soil about 1" deep and water them like you would flowers and I have 5 good budding plants. hope this helps you.
  9. ^^^
    ya it does
    but do you think i can start em now...
    and still get a crop if i grow outside???
    like do you think it'll get cold to soon
    everyone says 8-12 weeks
    and that'll be october....
    is the minimum 8???
    if i start cutting and drying before 8 weeks....
    will it still work????

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