sprouts stretching?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by samiel, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. this sprout is 3 days old, ive got the light about 3" from the top of the plant its a 20w 2ft fluro *its all ive got atm* in the last 12 hrs the sprout has almost reached the light... so i moved the light... but i think at this pace the plant will grow too tall and fall over, i sprouted this plant in a 2gal pot so i wouldnt have to transplant it. any suggestions or comments?
  2. what i do is add more soil into it soo it can stand up better

    or dig it out an dig the hole deeper then repot it to the same pot

    so it not so tall
  3. Got a pic? Stretching and aggressive growth can sometimes be confused.
  4. I'd also almost want to say aggressive growth, but I could be wrong too, as there's no pictures.
  5. The bulb may be a bit weak for what you are attempting, that might cause a bit of stretch but 3" is close enough to not get stretch, that's why we say aggressive growth but then again,....how aggressive could it be on 20w?

    Pic please. :)

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